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Making a new design.

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The only maps (that I could find) of Runeterra were in the create game section and the link in the Journal of Justice. I loved the new Shadow Isle page that was added with the Elise update. Why not make an interactive map that when hovering over certain areas would display a small info block and when clicked would open up a new page similar to the Shadow Isle one. I would be much nicer than the current map (Demacia and Noxus) and you could see where ever champions allegiance is. So clicking the Shadow Isle will bring up the same page and there is currently, or clicking on Ionia would bring up a page which is Ionia themed with all champion associated with it.

I know that some champions do not have a particular alignment (Brand, Nocturn, Rammus) but I bet you could come up with something for them (Adding them to the Institute of War).
I would love seeing something like this, even though some summoners would care.