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Ranked Queues - improve matchmaking

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Hi, my name is Jake. I've been playing LoL for around a year or so and one of the things I despise is the current matchmaking system. Riot has posted a main thread based on gathering ideas from players or posting pictures of the endgame score. However, there is much more factors effecting matchmaking.

So I had my go at trying to make a thread to gather the community's support and ideas on it, but there were many flaws and it didn't really obtain support. Until now.

Over about a month, I literally bought a white board and started listing down ideas (could of used paper, but I felt more boss using a white board). After gathering all these ideas, listing down the pros and cons of each factor, I have finally come to an end conclusion with the least about of problems.

I compiled all the information together and formatted in a user friendly way, and from then on I gained much support. Currently, the support I've is appreciate but not enough. The only way that Riot would consider ideas is if the thread gathers so much support that it cannot be ignored, and that is when you come in.

Please take the time to read over this and post your opinions. I would gladly take in any ideas that would be viable for improving match making.

The thread.

If you guys would also be so kind to like the reddit thread it is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for taking time to spend on improving this idea. Please note that even though I may have created the thread/ideas, these are as much yours as they are mine. This is a community game, and due to that should be the community's decision.