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Call of the Hunter and the Huntress. (Nidalee and Rengar fanfic)

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This is my first fan fiction of LoL, featuring two character I've not seen fan fic of. Forgive me if one or more exist, but I hope everyone enjoys this.
I will be separating this into chapters and posting said chapters in this box. Feedback, assuming it is not anything like trolling or people just being mean, is much appreciated.

Chapter listings:
Chapters 1-4- Page 1
Chapters 5-7- Page 2
Chapters 8-10- Page 3
Chapters 11-15- Page 4

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Chapter 1: Unintended Invasion

Tracking. Hunting. And, now that he had the chance, trapping. These were the basics of hunting, yet something all hunters, including him, could improve upon in his own special way. In this case, it was purely personal tastes that drew him to hunt this day. Curiosity, however, drew him to hunt in this particular area of the Kumungu Jungle. He was graving the taste of venison. With the trap set, all that was left to do was wait, and so he did. Crouching and hiding himself within a bush, Rengar waited downwind so as to not give away his scent.

Secretly, to himself, the pridestalker wondered how long he'd have to wait for his quarry to become ensnared, then he would pounce and deliver the killing blow. It only his greatest prey, Kha'Zix, could be so easily lured into a trap. Then again, that's what made the alien creature such a worthy prey to hunt. He had to force the foe from his mind, lest he lose the prey he already sought here and now. Now, he heard the sounds of something approaching... It was not a causal approach...


It had started out as a normal hunting routine. Find a herb, begin stalking it, and look for a straggler. It was a common way of hunting prey, yet one that always produced a kill, either by claw or spear. Claw and teeth would be the most effective, and preferred as it allowed her to take a bite out of her prey, and spear would be used if a lone straggler could not be found. Her aim was more than enough to pin a leg to the ground. Still, it was most natural for her to hunt this way, stalking and falling, as it was how her feline family taught her.

One of the deer of the herd, a buck not quite into maturity yet, began grazing too far from the rest. Nidalee, the bestial huntress as she was known, began making her way, in cougar form, into position, preparing to pounce on the unwary animal. She stayed to the tall grass, eyes watching her prey as it continued to graze.

However, it would not be so simple as in most cases.

A loud sound echoed through the jungle, causing the herd to stop their grazing and look in the direction. Nidalee, as well, to see what was happening. It was another treasure hunter, a group of them in fact, come to seek riches they would likely die trying to find if the dangers, her included, did not scare them away. Speaking of scaring, one of them had a gun. With only a few moments hesitation, he pointed and shot at the main herd. The shot missed, but it did frighten the herd, the one she was stalking included, and all of them bolted. Thankfully, her prey remained away from the rest. She bolted after it, the brush whipping against her fur as she pursed.


Finally, after nearly an hour, something was coming. Rengar, having remained still for most of that time, moved very slightly to keep his bones and joints from popping and giving away his location and presence. He had crouched nearly as still as stone for the longest time, his eyes closed so as to focus his senses of small and hearing. There had been a loud, sharp sound, like the guns he had seen the ones called Gangplank, Miss Fortune, and Graves use. This unnatural sound had unnerved and startled him for a moment, but only a moment.

A scent finally drifted into his nostrils. Prey was close, deer even. Also, there was something else: A predator. In addition to venison, it appeared he'd also have a new trophy, if this other prey was worth the hunt.

Silently, he waited, until the deer, a young buck by the look of it, approached. It was then that he saw a cougar, its fur a light brown so as to camouflage it in the tall grass in the surroundings he had seen when he first arrived. There was something... familiar about this one, yet he could not place it. He had hunted large cats before, and had found them worthy prey, yet, for reasons unknown to him, he felt this one was a prize worth more than his time.

The young buck, galloping with fear, ran right into his snare trap. The buck's front right leg was caught, the strong vines snapping and wrenching its leg back, then bone snapped. The buck no longer flee. The cougar slowed, jumping over the crippled animal, and spun to a stop, looking at it, then the snare trap. That was all he needed to pounce.

With practiced precise, Rengar drew his knife and let his savagery go, letting out a roar as he dove for his dangerous prey. Just in case, his other hand went to waist...


Her prey had become anothers, snared and crippled with ruthless brutality. The sound of sudden movement caught her attention. She turned in time to see a large mass of hides and fur, sunlight reflecting off a freshly drawn knife, the ring of it being released sending an almost silent song through the afternoon air. The attacker was flying straight for her.

She reel back on her hind legs, then jumped backward. Her attacker hit the ground as she landed in a bush, concealing herself. A bola appeared in the predator's other hand, which was then released with shocking reaction speed.

Nidalee ducked under it, the rope and balls grazing her back but catching her tail, knocking against itself. She went from evasion to dodging, jumping to a low tree just as her attacker lunged into the bush. He stabbed only at air, completely missing her. If he kept only his right hand with a knife, and the other empty, she could easily evade him by jumping the the left.

She climbed the tree, resting in a branch to watch. Another bola was coming right at her. She nearly leaped backward to avoid it, her eyes then turning to the attacker. It seemed her evasion tactics had made the beast man angry. She now recognized him as Rengar, a hunter of great talent from what she had seen on the Fields of Justice. He had, however, made a mistake by hunting in her territory.

Backing further into the tree, hidden in the branches, her attacker was forced to approach. While he did, she changed into her human form, spear in hand, arm going back, prepared to throw...


Rengar almost didn't see it until it was too late. He had approached the tree the cougar had fed to, thinking his bola had entangled the beast. What he was not expecting was spear. Luckily, he managed to dodge, though not without cost. The tip grazed the side of his torso. Another step forward would have landed it in his gut. A step back a second later would have kept the spear from traveling through him, but left inside his body. A cut, or a gash by the feel of blood running down his side, was not enough to make him retreat.

He knew the spear, and who its owner was. A grin came to his face.

Now knowing that he had a worthy prey to hunt, Rengar let out a roar of battle, challenging his foe, then draw a second knife. The hunt, the battle, was on. He could feel the thrill of the hunt.


One moment he was these, her spear grazing him, then he was gone. Nidalee tracked him by the scent of fresh blood, knowing she had at least wounded him with her her spear toss. The beast appeared the materialize out of the air, only the scent of his blood giving her warning as to where he was and where she should dodge. Knives his wood as she fell to the ground.

As soon as she landed, she dove to the side, toward her spear. Rengar, only a half second behind, nearly pouncing on her.

Spear in hand, against his two knives, she waved it in an arc, forcing him back out of her extended range. At least she had that advantage.

They were on equal footing for the moment, and both knew it. Nidalee took up her spear in a more comfortable position, Rengar doing the same. The only sound between the two was their own breathing and the thrashing, frantic deer.

The stalemate was broken with a drop of blood from Rengar's wound.

Nidalee brought her spear up vertically toward his center, prepared for a counter attack and to strike again no matter which one way he went. Rengar dodged left, protecting his wounded right side, as he quickly closed the distance, his left hand bringing the knife it held closer toward her.

She bent backwards to evade, then grabbed his arm, twisting it back as she came around behind him. He let out a grunt, releasing the knife, then tried to stab her side with his right knife. She leaped back, taking his left knife with her as she also grabbed her spear, with the front of her boot. She rolled on her back, coming to a knee with his knife in her left hand and her spear in her right.

Rengar was back in the air, his ability to pounce astonishing by itself. This time, she could not evade.

He crashed on top of her, his free left hand gripping her by her throat and his right hand holding his knife inches from the center of her chest, right over her heart. His left foot was on top of her right hand, keeping the spear from being of use, and his right knee pressed on her stomach to prevent her from pushing herself away. She could not move, nor get away.


Nidalee, unable to dodge, tried to bring her spear up to use his own momentum against him, but it was too late. His weight crashing to her, knocking her from her feet and onto the ground, the middle portion of her spear painfully pressed against her backside. A moment later, her right hand was in pain both from the spear's shaft against her palm and Rengar's foot on it. She was able to bring the knife in her left hand up, pressing it against his throat, and not a moment too soon. His knee on her stomach was painful, but the fear kept her from blacking out. She panted. She could not get away, but neither could he do anything else to her.

The both of them panted, both trying to think of what to do. Blood dripped from Rengar's right side onto Nidalee's chest, then slide off onto the ground. The knife at her chest had lowered to her skin, a ***** creating a drop of blood. In response, she put the knife she had closer to his threat, a horizontal line of crimson appearing.

In one fluid motion, Rengar pushed himself back. Nidalee, thinking he would try to attack, swept the knife, trying to cut his throat. Instead, he jumped backward, then placed his knife into its sheath. Nidalee quickly got to her feet, staying in a low crouch, ready to attack. He held up his hands, as though to say he meant no further harm.

She placed his knife on the ground, taking spear in one hand, ready to throw it, and slid the knife across the ground. It went halfway toward him. "Is this peace?" She demanded, her eyes as hard as steel and as fierce as any predator he had seen.

Slowly, he nodded. "For now." He gestured to the panicked deer with a motion of his eyes. Nidalee glanced a moment, then back to him. "That is my snare." He said.

"This is my territory. The deer my prey." She growled. Her knuckled were white where she gripped her spear.

Rengar stood in silence, weighing her words to himself it appeared. "Your territory? Or just out of its borders?" He asked. He knew her territory, and this was not it. It was close to her hunting grounds, but it was not hers.

Nidalee's glare was as deadly as her spear. After a long moment of silence, she spoke. "Take it and leave. Do not return." She growled, this time with far more warning than before.

"It would seem we both played a part in this prey." He said, keeping his hands in sight of her. "I set the snare, but you brought it to me. I assume you were hunting for the same reason as I?" He asked.

"What of it?" She asked.

He took a deep breath before speaking again. "Shaw we share it, then?" He asked.

At that moment, both their stomachs growled in hunger, yet each continued to stare that the other. Rengar, hands in the air to show he meant no harm, and Nidalee, spear in hand ready to act on a moment's notice. Finally, she gestured with her spear to his knife. Once it was back in its sheath, she lowered her weapon, but her muscles stayed tense. "Any sudden movements, and I will not hesitated remove your head." She warned.

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*drools in anticipation*

I already love this FanFic!

Just a note though, I saw quite a few grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes. Maybe use a spell checker, and go through it, and if you are, have someone else look through it as well? It's not too much of a problem, but other people who are OCD-centric might not like it because of the mistakes :c

All in all, YAY!

Now. Get to work my slave ^_^

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This was great keep it up!

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Chapter 2: Prey for Two

It was a tense, quiet walk toward Rengar's make-shift camp. The pride stalker had expressed his disagreement of going to Nidalee's desired location, partly because it meant he'd be surrounded by her feline family and the other part because he wanted to skin the deer for its hide. At the condition of keeping his hands where she could see them, she agreed. Nidalee held her spear at the ever ready, while Rengar hold the deer over his shoulders, his hands up so she could see all of his fingers. The young buck had finally been put out of its misery with a swift snap of its neck, the coat remained undamaged as intended.

After several long minutes, they arrived. Rengar hung the buck up with the aid of a rope, slowly placing his weapons down in clear sight of her. It was not until he began skinning it with a much smaller knife that she finally lowered her weapon, placing the butt of her spear on the dirt. She put herself between him and his two hunting knives, bolas, and other items.

"That was a very good toss earlier." Rengar admitted, a chuckle escaping his throat. He touched the wound, the bleeding had stopped halfway through the match, to examine it for a moment. "Did you know, had I not moved when I did, it would have struck my abdomen?" He asked.

Nidalee was silent for a moment before she spoke. "I did. If not, I was aiming for your chest anyway." She said. She adjusted her weight from one foot to the other, watching him skillfully skin the buck. Admittedly, she was in awe of his ability to remove the whole of the fur without damaging it. The only part he did not skin was the head. "Why are you leaving part of it on?" She asked, gesturing with a flip of her hand to the untouched head.

He turned to her, then in the direction of what she gestured. "A trophy to mount on my wall." He explained. He flipped his skinning knife in his hand, then held the handle out to her. "I need one of my knives to gut it." He said.

She debated this, watching his eyes as she reached for the knife. Her fingers wrapped around the offered handle, then she took it from his grip and set it down on the small table behind her. She then found the sheath to one of his knives and held it out to him, keeping the handle of the knife in her hand.

When he took it in his grip, she released, her hand going to join the other on her spear. "Why are you going to gut it? Why not eat it raw?" She asked. It was not that she wanted to know, but wanted to keep him talking, distracted.

He dug the knife into the throat of the deer, cutting the head off with ruthless efficiency. A little blood did get on the inside of the hide, but it could be easily washed off. He held the head so it would bleed away from the fur, put his foot on the bottom of the hide, and carefully cut off the hide going to the neck. "I am going to gut it to remove the organs I will not eat. Do you normally eat them?" He asked, placing the knife back into its sheath at his belt, taking the deer's head in one hand and its hide in his other.

She shook her head at his question, so he went on. "My father taught me how to cook, in addition to hunting, and I've found the taste much more preferable than raw meats." He added as he draped the hide of a low hanging tree branch, placing the fur over the branch so the half that was attached to the skin could air out. He then returned to the rest of the deer, which was now bleeding from its neck where the head once connected.

Rengar took out his knife once more, brought it to the carcass's breast, but stopped before he cut an opening into it. His head turned to her. "Would you care to join me for an afternoon lunch? I am not the greatest cook, but I can cook venison with ease." He offered, a "pleasant" smile, accompanied by fangs, made him look more hostile than friendly.

Nidalee's stomach growled in hunger, causing her cheeks to redden a little before she adjusted her stance once more. Her eyes took in the make up of his camp. A small table that held his weapons and hunting tools, a crate under it for either his trophy or something else, a lantern hung on the same branch as the recently skinned hide, a hammock was set up several feet off the ground, and there was a fairly odd odor in the air, produced by a familiar plant near the hammock. It was the type of plant that gave off a scent most beasts would avoid, herself included had she been in cougar form.

Judging it to be safe, she nodded, but turned a warning look to him. "Thank you for the offer, and I will accept." She said. She glanced to his wound, debating something. "Is that wound I inflicted bothering you?" She asked, more so to fill the void of silence while she watched him. He appeared to have lost the desire to try and kill her now. That, or he waited for her to drop her guard.

Rengar's knife slid into the carcass's breast, traveling upward, making a perfectly straight cut from the top portion of its chest to the bottom. When she asked about his wound, he shrugged his shoulders, emptying out the deer's guts into a hole before she had arrived. "I've been injured before, but thank you for the concern." He said. When the last of the guts were emptied out, he concealed the hole with a thick layer of dirt, then patted it down. He knew how to keep keep predators and scavengers from coming to his camp for food. Then again, she knew he was no amateur hunter.

She nodded in reply, then watched him put the knife back into its sheath. He didn't return it to her. "How long will it take for the meat to drain and cook?" She asked. She had began to relax a little, yet remained ready in case she had to defend herself, especially when she noticed him keep the knife on him.

"Ten minutes, maybe less." He said. He took a seat on his hammock, laying down to wait. "Do you know what those gun shots were from?" He asked. This was near her territory, even if it was still part of the Kumungu Jungle, and he also used this area as a hunting ground for game. If there were hunters, poachers, or loggers about, destroying the natural order, the two of them may have a common enemy.

Nidalee's response was long in coming. "Treasure hunters, actually. They come from time to time seeking fortunes, yet find only the remains of others. What few flee and live are never the same." Her parents, her birth parents, came for the same reasons. Even after so many years and experiences, their deaths still lingered in her nightmares now and again, their suffering and anguish alone enough to bring her awake in a cold sweat. "I only saw one of them with a gun, but others may be armed." She added.

Rengar considered this silently, swinging back and forth with his foot. "Do you require assistance in ridding the jungle of them?" He asked, his tone almost scary. This was not the first time he had killed invaders in his territory, temporary or not. Rarely, would he offer his aid to help another protect their territory.

She thought about this, watching the blood drain from the animal onto the ground. "No. They can seek their own deaths if they are foolish enough to stay, otherwise I would have chased them away by now." She answered. Had there been any children among the group, she would have chased them away, or at least frightened them.

There was another gun shot, followed by a cry in the distance. Both Nidalee and Rengar looked in the direction of the sounds. Rengar let out a chuckle. "So you speak the truth." He said. Nidalee did not find it funny, but she did smile at the thought of them fleeing in blind terror, the look on their faces.

Nidalee turned her head from the direction of the sounds back to Rengar, a frown on her face. "Where do you live, anyway?" She asked, the question bringing a confused look onto Rengar's face. "You do not live near the Kumungu Jungle, I would know your scent and have stayed away otherwise." She added, explaining her question.

Rengar gave her a toothy smile, showing fangs, as he turned his head to her, his foot stopping the motion of his swinging. "And why do you want to know that?" He asked.

She gave a one shoulder shrug, then stared into his eyes, a silent answer to say she wanted an answer.

"I'm a wanderer. Ever since my meeting with Kha'Zix and entry to the League, I've been living in a small house near the Institution. I've been trying to fill it with trophies for several weeks now." He proudly said. He left unsaid the special places reserved for more worthy trophies, such as Kha'Zix.

When she did not question him further, he rose from his place, effortlessly and with great practice pulling the knife from its place at his belt with a thumb and his fore finger. The blade spun once, came to rest in his palm, and he began to test the deer's meat with his free hand. "Do you want a leg or part of the chest?" He asked.


"Better raw or cooked?" Rengar questioned, waving a leg bone in one hand and a last chunk of meat in the other.

Nidalee, who quietly chewed the meat from half the animal's ribcage, looked down from her place above, a branch she had chosen to lay on. She kept her spear within arm's reach, ready to snatch it up at the first sign of trouble, but removed her suspicions of her fellow bestial hunter attacking her. For now, anyway. She swallowed before speaking. "Better cooked, but medium rare, you called it?" She asked. He nodded. "Is my favorite." She finished, then took another bite.

Rengar leaned his back against the tree behind himself, looking up at his companion. It was a different tree, the two facing one another rather than next to one another or diagonally, to keep the tension eased. "Cooking meats is best done through testing it and its color. Whether it is cold or hot, matters only to the one eating the meat." He explained.

She let out a purr, catching his undivided attention for just a moment, as she bit into an unusually tasty piece. "I will consider your offer." She took a few bites, tearing the tender meat from the bones, before swallowing slowly, savoring each and every bite. "For now, I am sorry." She said.

This caused him to put on his questioning face once more. "You are apologizing for...?" He asked.

"Thinking you had invaded my territory and planning to kill you." She finished. She picked off several bones, free of meat, and tossed them to the ground, then picked off a bone, examining it briefly before chewing it for a moment. "However, if you try to kill me again, and the League do not get to you first, I will give you the choice of death: Claw, spear, or your own hand." She warned, raising an eyebrow in anticipation for his response.

It was a smile and his own eyebrow being raised, only this one as though accepting a challenge. "Well, since you were honest, I was trying kill you. First, as a cougar to have stuffed and to be used as a foot rest. Second, when I saw your human form and knew who you were, to find out who was the better hunter." He said, a wicked grin on his face.

His grin turned to a frown when he felt something hit his head. That something bounced off and landed on the ground. Looking down revealed it to be a small bone; a rib bone. Even without looking, he could feel her glare on him. "I hunt for the trophies, not just to eat, and to challenge myself." He added.

When he heard something hit the ground with a soft thump, Rengar looked over to see Nidalee, her back to him and crouched down from the landing. She rose slowly, using her spear to raise herself along with the aid of her legs.

Finally, she turned around, a smile gracing her facial features. Their eyes locked. At that moment, they were not part animal and human, champions of the League of Legends, nor even male or female. They were hunter and huntress, issuing a silent challenge to find out who was the better. In those long moments, they were rivals, practically issuing and both accepting a duel to the death.

Rengar was the one to speak. "The moon will be full in a few days." He said.

Nidalee nodded. "That will be the meeting time." She agreed.

With that, she assumed her animal form, then stalked toward the bushes, turning her head for just a moment before almost disappearing. He lost sight and sound of her seconds later.


As he packed up his things, burying the remains of the deer, Rengar only half paid attention to his work. The huntress, Nidalee, was not just a worthy prey for him, but also a work of art in body and skill. Her curves, movements, knowledge, and personality all made up the wondrous bestial huntress he had, at first, saw only as another member of the Institution of War. Now, he saw Nidalee as a huntress of as much talent as he. Perhaps, given her upbringing, more.

The days would seem like months as he waited the full moon and agreed meeting.

Though he knew there would be consequences for his actions, he felt a pang of regret for being unable to overpower such a beautiful, graceful, and worthwhile prey. Had he continued, he knew there would be no winner. He also knew she knew the same.

Had she gone another direction, he would have tried again...


When she was felt he was far enough away, staying downwind so as to be able to catch his scent, Nidalee picked a tree and climbed it, resting not only her legs but her nerves. That was not an easy task, yet it provided her with a warning, if not knowledge of a danger.

Rengar, the pridestalker, was a magnificent hunter in body and mind. His reaction time, muscular build, and training had produced a refine, well-trained master of the art of hunting. The loss of his eye, an accident she had heard happened between him and Kha'Zix, did not dampen his skills, but enhanced them through his own determination. He was a predator among predator. One to be feared more than death itself.

In her mind, she grinned in anticipation. Evelynn was a predator, but she was no hunter. Though she hunted for food, Nidalee looked forward to the challenge ahead of her,

If the League became involved, the reasons would not be a concern, if there were any. She would have killed Rengar, a fellow champion, and the punishment worse than anything she could think of...

No. No matter what, she could not risk that. If she were to kill Rengar, her home would be in danger, and she unable to protect it.

A few days, and then they would meet again to set the rules and guidelines of their challenge. Rengar had his trophies, but Nidalee had her home and feline family, the only family she had, to lose. She could not risk the lives of her family and her home for her pride as a huntress.

Suddenly, she wished she had drove the treasure hunters away instead of chasing her prey to another predator.

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*drools in anticipation*

I already love this FanFic!

Just a note though, I saw quite a few grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes. Maybe use a spell checker, and go through it, and if you are, have someone else look through it as well? It's not too much of a problem, but other people who are OCD-centric might not like it because of the mistakes :c

All in all, YAY!

Now. Get to work my slave ^_^

No one's perfect, and I claim myself to be imperfect. The grammar mistakes will take some getting us to, as this is my first fanfic. Gaiaonline roleplaying was my only practice for this. As to the spelling mistakes, spell checkers are never 100% accurate. Pridestalker, for example, should be pride(s) stalker or something else.

Anyway, glad to hear you are enjoying it.

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Chapter 3: A friend in need, is a friend in the wild

After a short nap, Nidalee stirred, waking from her slumber. She did not wake because there was some place she had to be, but because something was approaching from upwind. Unlike her previous encounters earlier in the day, this one she knew who to expect and the reason for the visit. Had she not been thinking of her last meeting, she would have continued on to a different section of the jungle.

"Holt two three four. Holt two three four." Came the familiar sound of the one and only Teemo, marching on to gather his favorite poison components. His carefree nature was showing, probably from how often he visited the jungle.

At first, the two of them had... disagreements about his visits. She smiled at the memories. Since he never harmed any of the animals, nor showed any hostilities toward the jungle, the two had come to a silent agreement to make a game out of it. Playing cat and mouse had never been so much fun.

A little game did sound nice.

Nidalee rose, stretching her body in a quiet purr, before taking on her human. She threw out one of her traps, watching it spring up into shape, then stretched her legs out, watching the yordle's approach. She would not need her spear, her healing spell more than enough to recover herself from his poison. Besides, he wouldn't be using his standard poison. Why else would he be gathering the components if he was not running out?

The scout leaned forward every now and again, either to push away the grass or to pick a plant and place it into his pack, before foraging once more. Unlike herself, he could not detect her presence through scent or instinct. As he neared the trap, she waited patiently, almost at the edge of her place on the tree.

Two more steps... one more... SNAP!

He used a stick set off the trap. He had good eye sight, that much was well known.

"Nidalee? Are you there?" He asked, looking from one bush to the other.

When his gaze turned to the tree tops, she silently rolled to the ground, landing lightly on her right foot and left knee, using her left arm to keep her steady, her hand went to the ground as well. He still looked the trees for her, so she began to travel through the bushes. She was stalking him like the deer earlier, but not in her cougar form.

Teemo returned to his foraging, scrambling from this location to that. Either he wasn't in the mood for their usual game, or she had caught him off guard. The trap had been laid in silence, and, under the cover of the vegetation, it could have been left there and she not around to see it triggered. If those were his thoughts, then they were the wrong thoughts.

She was close now, but waited until her was leaning forward before she pounced.

In one swift motion, Nidalee lunged, attempting to snatch up the yordle in her arms. She pulled her arms together, thinking she had him, and rolled to a halt. She felt only the fur of her handmade arm bands.

"Good afternoon. How are you, Nidalee?" He asked, placing his blow gun on the small of her back.

In spite of herself, Nidalee smiled as she adjusted her position to sit cross legged. "Good afternoon Teemo, and I am fine. Yourself?" She asked, turning her head to face him. Even while sitting, and he standing, she was still a head higher than him.

Teemo removed his blowgun from her back and placed it back in its holder, then went back to foraging. "The same. I'm low on my blow dart poison, but that's about it." He said.

She watched him for a moment, then asked. "Did you happen to come across a group traveling through the jungle?" She asked, curious about the treasure hunters from earlier. Though she did not wish harm upon them, she was eager to know if they were dead or had fled. One less danger in her home to worry about.

"I found them, yes. One of them was bleeding, another had a fever, two were carrying supplies, and the final one just died when I got there." He said, sadly at the end of the lose of life. "I led them out of the jungle though, they seemed eager to leave." He added.

One injured, a second sick, and the last dead. That explained the cry earlier, but what about the one with the gun? Probably the of the two where were carrying supplies. She hoped the four who remained would not return. "Teemo?" She asked. He stopped gathering and turned his head toward her. "Have you ever made a promise you were not sure you could keep?" She asked.

The scout scratched his head, pondering this question. He finally spoke. "A few times, yes. Why do you ask?" He replied.

Her answer was a long several second in coming, but she eventually did. "I fear I have just made a promise to another like myself, but, no matter the outcome, I will put my home in danger." She said.

Teemo watched her for an uncomfortably long time, for her anyway, then bent down to continue harvesting. "Who was it?" He asked.

She thought of lying to him, but chose not to, feeling he was a friend. "Rengar. We met today, just a few hours ago, and both of us agreed to meet on the night of the full moon to discuss the rules and conditions of our... hunt, I suppose." She informed him, ideally twisting a piece of grass in her finger.

"So, you two agreed to hunt each other?" He asked. When she nodded, he placed his hand under his chin in thought. "No lethal force can be used. That's a rule or condition you can---" He began to say.

"He tried to kill me, before and after he knew it was me. It was not until I held a knife at his throat that he stopped." She said, cutting him off, pulling the blade of grass from the earth. She took a calming breath before speaking again. "I am sorry, but I do not think he would accept that condition." She finished.

By the way he moved, Nidalee could tell he was trying to think of a way to help her while he continued to gather. She guessed he intentionally took longer to finish as, compared to other times, he normally finished by now. His pack was half full.

"Do you know Veigar?" He asked, adding his voice to the nature's.

Nidalee had been watching the scout, the wind rustling his hair, grass, and leaves. His question was unexpected, and it showed on her face. "The yordle black mage, yes. Why do you ask?" She thought it a strange question.

"Veigar and I have never been able to see eye to eye, he even tried to kill me if I get in the way of his schemes. Throughout all of it, I never try to kill him. I just greet him with a smile, aim my blowgun, and "foil" his plot." He said with a natural, yordle-like giggle. "You are faster than Rengar, and this is your home. Use those to your advantage." He added.

She smiled, knowing the truth of his words, but the smiled quickly faded. "He can immobilize me with his bolas though. One lucky shot and I'm down." She said, going back to watching the wind blow through a tree, her index finger once more twisting around a blade of grass.

When she turned her head to him after not hearing him, she flinched back, not expecting his smiling face to be there inches from hers. Teemo held out a small, opened satchel. Inside, she could see small mushrooms, like the ones he used on the Fields of Justice. "Take these. Carefully, very carefully, find a way to mix these in with your traps. If Rengar triggers one, and it spreads, the toxins will slow his reaction rate. He'll recover after a few minutes." He explained.

Nidalee smiled earnestly, accepting the small, leather bag of fungi. She tied it between two of the teeth at her waist, making sure it was secure. She then took up the yordle in her arms, hugging him to her chest. "Thank you Teemo. I am truly grateful." She said.

She felt the palms of her small hands patting the skin of her arms in quick session, telling her he could not breath or was having difficulty. She quickly sat him down, her cheeks turning a slight red. He took a few deep breaths, then smiled back up at her. "Don't mention it. If you need more of those, just let me know." He said.

She nodded, hooking some hair from in front of her face behind her ear. "Thank you, for both the mushrooms and helping those people find their way out of the jungle." She said. At least cleaning up their bodies and bones would not be an issue.

Teemo smiled his biggest smile. "Just doing my job." He said with a salute. "I need to be going though. I can come back tomorrow and finish, if that's alright with you." He requested. She nodded. "See you tomorrow then." He said, turning to leave, waving as he jogged away. "I'll be more willing to play cat and mouse too." He added as he vanished into the bushes.

Nidalee was surprised to hear this, taken off guard actually. Had he known where she was the whole time? Not just today but the other times as well? No. She could see the genuine surprise in his eyes the times she had caught him. Still, he made it sound like he was just playing with her for her benefit. If so, then she felt better about it. She wanted to play, and he had complied without protest. Except when he caught her in short order.

Staring into the brush Teemo had gone through, her hand found his gift. She turned back to the direction she remember meeting Rengar, then to the tree she had laid on. After retrieving her spear, she started toward her home, remaining in human form. For now, and just as a precaution, she would take Teemo's advice and use her knowledge of the land, swiftness, and traps, mixed with his mushrooms, to keep Rengar from killing her. If he did not abide by her conditions of non lethal force, then she would make it impossible for him to kill her.

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Wew new chapter

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Wew new chapter

Check my other thread to see a full list of possible characters and give your own ideas. Who knows, I may use one.

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I could not get to sleep knowing I left out the other main character. So, he is what happens to him while Nidalee speaks with Teemo. Enjoy.

Chapter 4: Predatorial instincts

"You're a long way from the Shadow Isles, insect." Came Rengar's agitated growl as he adjusted the crate in his hands to fit snugly under his right shoulder, his left hand bringing out the knife from his belt.

There was the soft, silky laugh of Elise, then she crawled out of the trees, her eight-legged spider form ever the imposing sight. He also noticed small parts of her back moving, then realized they were her spiderlings. "You are a long way from the plains, priderstalker." She countered, venom dripping from her fangs.

Annoyed, he waved his blade in the air, slicing away at a nearly invisible web. "I've no time for your games." He said, turning a glare to her before stepping over the over-sized hole in the web.

"Angry that your prey got away from you?" He froze. The fangs of Elise moving into a vicious smile. "You've gained a trophy, a pelt, and a scar. Why are you angry with that?" She questioned. Rengar's grip tightened, feeling the spider's breath on the back of his head. "Oh, that's right. The scar is on your body, but the wound was to your pride."

Swinging in an arc, he missed her. Elise had quickly withdrew herself via her back four legs and a line of web. Rengar, a low, threatening growl escaping through his fangs, stared into the Elise's spider form, her fangs drawn up in a smile, hanging over him like a dark cloud.

He turned away and began walking again. Insects were not on his list of creatures to hunt, no matter how big they were.

This particular insect, however, would not leave him be so easily. "One of my children was watching the two of you. I was surprised you did not wait for her to make the kill." She said, crawling along the ground behind him. "As a trapper myself, I may be able to help you." She offered.

Rengar did not turn his head. "Not interested. I do not need your help, nor will I accept it." He said. A grunt escaped him, causing him to adjust the crate at his side to prevent it from pushing against his wound. It hadn't sealed completely, blood still oozed but not as bad as before. "And I could not wait. It was act or be caught." He added.

The two of them stopped before a stream. Rengar turned toward a log that acted as a bridge while Elise merely switched to the tree tops. "Is that so? Nidalee lives here, her family of cats hunt both the ground and trees. How will be able to tell her from one of them? Maybe they will devise a plan to ambush you? Poor Rengar, the champion who entered the Kumungu Jungle and was never seen again. I wonder what the story will be. A deadly virus claims his life? The hunter becomes the hunted of a pack of animals? Maybe, he'll have slipped and fell onto the rocky cliff of a waterfall?" She suggested.

The log he walked on creaked, then broke. He jumped to the other side in time, the two halves breaking apart and being forced down the stream. "How many will think it was Nidalee, a proud champion of the League of Legends who joined the Institution of War to protect her home from those who would destroy, orchestrated and carried out your demise?" She asked.

Rengar halted in his steps, pondering her words. Finally, he started again. Elise, her smile fading, followed still. "If what you say is true, she would have put that spear of hers into my back several times before reaching my camp." He said.

The foot steps following him changed. Elise had changed to her human form. "There were witnesses." She said.

"They ran into trouble before." He replied.

"Teemo and I are, or would have been, the witnesses." She said.

This time, he did stop, turning his head to her. She was smiling at the triumph of gaining his attention. And the look on his face. "What do you want?" He asked. She was up to something, and if he did not derail her now, she would use this as blackmail, claiming he and Nidalee were trying to kill each other. Or worse.

She walked around him, her spiderlings remaining on her back, but some hanging from her legs well. "What do I want? Why nothing at all. I am only offering my aid to even the stakes." She said. She stopped in front of him, the look in her eyes enough to make lesser men turn and run. "I suppose I want to watch your little brawl. I can watch through the eyes of my children, but, since the two of you seem evenly matched, I want to know which of you is the better hunter as well." She added.

Rengar's hand still gripped his knife, the knuckles turning white under his fur. "This is neither a brawl, nor a duel. It is a challenge from one hunter to another. Go back to your cult and have them hunt each other for your amusement." He said, his tone as dangerous as his knife. "If I find you during our challenge, I will kill you. Mark my words." He warned.

Elise did not so much as twitch. "Do you truly believe she will not cheat?" She asked, raising an eyebrow. "She and Teemo have made something akin to a pact so he could gather his poison ingredients, I've seen him doing as much. What if he gives her an edge? Tipping the balance in a why there is no hope you can win?" She suggested, her voice ringing with confidence.

"If that is the case, I will die knowing she is a coward." He said. He began walking again, pushing her aside as he did.

She waited a moment, until he was out of arm's reach, then spoke. "He gave her mushrooms like he uses."

He stopped, slowing turning to face her. If looks could kill, his would skin someone alive. "Speak then. I will judge the worth of your words myself." He said.

A wicked smile came to her face. She had him now. "Nidalee is not armed with tiny, neural toxic mushrooms. She will mix these in with her traps, so when you step on one, the blades cutting your flesh, the toxins will enter your body. After a short time, you will be slowed, unable to react. When this happens, you'll be defenseless. A poor, helpless cub with no protection." She said, adding hand motions to further make her point. "Defenseless and helpless, unless you have my help. Interested now?" She asked.

There was a long silence, then the sound of something being placed on the ground.

Rengar crossed his arms. "How will you help me?" He asked.

Elise reached behind herself, taking two small spiderlings into a hand each. When she brought them to her front, she let the one in her left hand join the one in her right, gently stroking the two with her index and middle fingers. "All you have to do is let these two beauties get on her body. They will bite her, injecting their venom into her blood stream. As her body numbs, and she loses feeling in her arms and legs, she will be come paralyzed. Finally, she'll black out from a fever." She said. She looked up, staring into his eyes. "They will not kill her, but it will give you the time to get to her, slowed or not." She added.

There was another long silence, then he approached her, stopping in front of her. "You are sure this venom will not kill her?" He asked.

"Only if they bite her neck, and only if they bite her many times." She informed. "I ask for nothing in return. So, will you accept my aid?" She asked.