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Support Seeking Serious 5's

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IGN: NerfDatDudeMug
Elo: 1.9+ exp 1.6k currently
Champs: I have a wide selection of champs I use in the support role. Mainly use Sona, Leona, Janna, Nunu, Zyra, Taric...ya know what, the list is actually quite long and I play them all well.
Exp: Have played in Go4LoL, ESL and AWA.

I am looking for an organized team that knows what they want and are working hard to get there. I would not mind being on a #2 squad to practice against if a future spot on the #1 squad was possible. I am looking for a team seeking a support, I do not want to help you find 3 others to play, please have a team ready to go. I do know a good ADC if the right situation came along I may persuade him to play as well. Add me in game if you think I would be a good fit.