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Looking for a full time support and a full time top lane for season 3 :D

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Name: Wasted (You know because I just am).
IGN: Wasted
Role Applying for: Solo Top
Top Champs in role (in order): Alistar (SOLO TOP BRUISER ALISTAR 100% win rate in ranked), Nidalee, Irelia, Leesin, Teemo, Nasus, Singed, Alistar. Rengar, Gangplank, Jayce, Sona, Cho'Gath, Kennen, Warwick.
Solo ELO: 1300-1500. I'm raising it now.
5v5 ELO: None, 1500 on my old account that got banned.
Why should I pick you?
I feel like you should pick me for a couple of reasons. The first being that I am a mature player and I respect the rules and do not rage. I am a very strong solo top laner.. I average over 200 cs per game usually. I am a liable player when it comes to helping the team. I AM very able to listen and focus the carries (most important thing to do). Another good thing is that I am always available and around to play. I am of the EASTERN time zone. Overall I'd say I'm a pretty great asset to a team. Only bad part is that I am low elo because I just did not bother playing ranked this season until about now.

Extra Info:
I can also play ADC and Jungle if needed. I also really want to start to play competitively and try to get top 32 this next season in 5's. I also love criticism.

Thanks Guys,

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In-game name: ChilinNkilin
Real first name: Cody
Position wanted: Support
3 Characters you own that fit your role: Sona, Taric, Lux
Why should we put YOU on our team?: I have a lot of support ranked games under my belt, in both solo/duo and ranked team games. I've watched "professional games" learned a lot of tiny details support should do, and when paired with a competent ADC I do all I can to make sure they get fed through CS and/or kills. On top of that I do everything I can to make sure any of my team's carry's do not die and continue to snow ball.