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2 plat players looking for serious team

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Yolo America



We're looking for skilled players that compete or will compete in ranked teams, scrims, and online tournaments. Both of us can play nearly any role at a high level, and our schedules are very flexible. We are both 18 and have mics/skype. Below is our specific ELO, roles, and champions (ordered from most favorite to least favorite). Pref 1800+ teams at least.

shen2bro - 1949 ELO
Preferred Role(s): Jungle, top, mid, support, adc
Best Champions: Akali, Malphite, amumu

imus68 - 1933 ELO
Preferred Role(s): Mid, ADC, top, jungle, support
Best Champions: Cass, Ezreal, Gragas

We both can play litterally any role other than support, we both took some time off the game but were back and are practicing every role and will practice whatever role that the team needs us to fulfill.
If interested, please leave a reply and add either shen2bro or imus68.

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Senior Member


Hit me up, got 3 others @ 1900+