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Leaving Matchmaking Queue

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Boob Goblin

Junior Member


This may the wrong forum to be posting this in, but this is my first time posting on the forum and I wanted to provide some feedback so this seemed like an appropriate place.

I'd like to express my opinion that the penalty for leaving a matchmaking lobby is leaving me with an impression that there is room for improvement. I'm writing this as I wait 30 minutes (Which I didn't even know could happen) after my first time dodging queue from a ranked game because, being trapped in my limited experience and low elo I was actually quite confident that I would be saving my duo partner and I time and lot of pleasantry. Boy was I wrong, not that I enjoy dodging queues, and sure I have before in blind pick situations. And in my limited experience I know it's not fun to go through multiple draft picks before finally getting a game. However this time I'm not sure the punishment fit the crime, and Riot in so many other areas of the game has done a great job of demonstrating appropriate action to behavior, such in the new honor system and in past and present versions of the tribunal.

Sure this is a free to play game. But I like I'm sure many others have spent money on the game, and while that doesn't entitle me to be able the game at anytime or more than others who have not spent money on the game, not being able to play for half an hour on an evening like many others when I might only be able play a couple of games is disappointing. I've learned my lesson to suffer through the game next this time, but I hope if this isn't already in the works or a system relating to this in effect, I hope Riot would consider reviewing this part of the game.

Thanks for reading, I'll go back to waiting.