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Flash Game Project

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Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I'm lost in forums a lot. And if you saw this poston the forum game page, my bad.

I'm planning on making a flash based game, side view, where you play as Twisted Fate.
You would be experiencing his Lore and I would try to expand it a little, because I really love the LoL lore, but I think it is underdeveloped.
I already have the game in my head and the basic concept of gameplay. But I would really love to listen to what you guys think would be cool to add. Ranging from the background, cinematics (nothing too complex, it would be my first game, so keep that in mind). I would be entirely responsible for the art part and another college friend would do the programming.
So, what you guys think? Any cool places? Anything at all to add?
If well nothing comes, I'll just keep the things I got in mind ready to go.
Thanks for your time reading this and forgive my English.