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Why is Force of Nature being removed?

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Windless Bear

Senior Member


Tyr Howl:
Which none of that makes sense at all
Its a MR item with good to great HP-regen and a low % of speed

Its perfectly fine, you gain no HP, not enough speed to make you anywhere near
dangerously or even close to faster then most champs.
and the MR is perfectly fine and fits with the HP-regen amount.

Its Stark's Fervor incident all over again only with a different item, that is not used
by the majority of LoL players now.

the New AP MR item I still dont get and I would prefer HP-regen over more AP
if I was a Tank or Fighter class. Riot ****ed up now because they added that AP item
and forgot about what would happen by working FoN with it.

Them "reworking it" is them destroying a decent item for certain champions
and certain play styles. Which again makes them repeat their same
mistake over again

You're absolutely right. They did it with Black Cleaver, too. There were some champs that could use the old one effectively, only now it's gone.

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makes no sense riot changing things no one wants changed , why not just add new items straight up an create champs that benefit from the items in different ways, heck with the idea of each map using different items anyway, the change in itemization doesnt make any sense

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Tyr Howl:
Because Thornmail isn't useless if you know how to use it, same goes for Warmog.
Just because you dont use it and you cant think of a good reason for your play style
doesnt mean you should drop it and replace it with a crappier item
(cough Stark's Fervor for Zeke "Crapy" Herald)

FoN has its place for Tanks and Fighter classes for a little more HP regen and Alot of MR
- when needed - other wise this is just Riot doing what they want again, because
"Oh I dont like this item, its time to Update it" but actually destroy something that
is actually good.

ROFL! Thornmail isnt useless? I dont even build it anymore cause it only works on Melee Ad chars... and really its only good for like facing WW or yi and Hard Fast Melee hitters... other then that most useless Armor item in game... and for Warmogs... RLY?!
Might as well get Something that gives Life and AP or Life and Armor or something actually useful

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