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The Eye of Ryze- a Poem

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Everyone has their own champion, yes? I for one first fell into playing Ryze, and though I don't appreciate the passive nerf, he still plays really well in my book. I wish he had a skillshot or two though. Without further ado, I present my poem.

We see the lineup, and then we spawn-
There's no question what to buy.
We start with meki and a ward,
And pray that we don't die

Champion and Summoner act as one,
We happen to be the same
We have exactly the same goal-
To finish first this game.

We head to middle, "Good luck, have fun!"
And we harass like pros.
We tend to win our every trade,
Our snare grants extra blows.

We win our team this game's first blood,
We move and cast as one.
We cast our ward to spot a gank,
So we manage to run

We recall late, ten minutes in,
We buy our tear and boots.
We surprise their team's support,
And kill her for the loot.

Before the cap we build Athene's,
Giving great sustain.
They may know we build squishy,
But I build Ryze insane.

The Eye of Ryze snowballs fast,
Maxing Overload first.
And we build our deathcap soon,
Providing lots of burst.

We choose to max Spell Flux next,
It works as extra mage pen.
We work on Archangel's 2 and 3,
Drowning enemies in the fen.

In team fights we burst them down,
Our damage is immense.
We survive on just spell vamp and tricks,
Our skill is that intense.

Too much Ability Power and Mana
Makes out damage output high,
"Glass Cannon Ryze fails bro,"
Was obviously a lie.

My Ult is always ready
As long as I can spam,
All of them are cast real fast
And hit you with a BAM!

My passives keep my mana high,
And all of my spells ready.
With Maximum Cooldown Reduction
I spam my spells real steady.

Finally we have their base,
The Eye is just too fed.
My high damage has aced your team,
Every one is dead.

Now is the moment of truth
We crush Baron really fast.
We go to mid to end the game-
This one was a blast.

We won our first of the day,
And nothing went amiss.
Ryze and I had but one thought:
"They couldn't handle this!"