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Moving TT out of Beta

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I really enjoy playing TT. Defiantly need to balance it out, so the losing team can have a chance 5 minutes in the game lol.

The scoring team with early kills are ahead of levels and dont give the other team a chance to recover for a fun match.

When someone disconnects for a few seconds: the opposing team can bum rush and have to much of an advantage.(goes for a uncooperative teammates not playing as a team)

BetaTT: it forces your team to select particular champs for strong early game advantages and team effort to rush capturing both alters. Favors burst hybrid, tanky bruisers and life sustain (life-steal and ability heals).

Just sick of seeing Singed, Temmo, Darius, Riven and other favored champs for this map: they just carry the team without a sweat. Would like to see more viable team compositions, instead of everyone just playing offensive tanks or champs with high map advantage.

Other particular champions require level6 or items to become viable.

Once a player selects smite: right off the bat this player thinks he will be in the jungle the whole game.(such 5v5 mentality) A champ with heavy sustain and clear camps fast is all that is needed.

The alter buff with increase attack damage and ability power should be changed.

any thoughts? I know this map is meant for a quick game but id like to see it have more viable champion selections.