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PLEASE RIOT look into this

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Ever since since Elise patch I have not been able to properly play this game there some small choppy lag or FPS drops but that is not want I want you to look into

Its my personal theory this happens to a lot of players but higher end computers do not feel it as much as my stone age computer

Vayne - R ultimate causes extreme lag spikes and FPS drop to the point that the game becomes unplayable for me and she can be anywhere on the map as soon as the game begins vayne just causes me to have massive lag :/ can some one look into this for me please.

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We specifically fixed some issues with certain spells like Vayne's ultimate causing FPS drops. What hardware are you using? If you upload a DxDiag file it will list out what you have in your computer.

instructions for obtaining a DxDiag file: https://support.leagueoflegends.com/entries/20100477-obtaining-a-direct-x-diagnostic-or-dxdiag