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Teemo is broken.

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Senior Member


The new Oracles is only 275g. That means late game, Teemo's shrooms are just free gold for the other team. I main Teemo and Darius-- rarely does anyone try to counter my shrooms. If two people get the items that reveal stealth-- my impact early is nothing. Then if they get the Oracles (which often they dont!?) late game, it's just frustration for me.

BTW, I ALWAYS try to counter the shrooms when I play against a Teemo. The difference is huge. Even taking only 1 or 2 shrooms that slow in key places out is a big help.

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Miffy Kitties

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The new map has a ton of problems, but this isn't one of them. Rush Gregs or Hextech. If not, then buy oracles. As someone who mains teemo, trust me, you have nearly completely shut him down. They remove his ultimate and turn him into a sub-par AP caster for the rest of the game.