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Zed's clone's shadow and Underworld TF's cards

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Moved this here from GD, figured it would make more of an impact.

Zed's shadow has a shadow, and Twisted Fate's Underworld skin's ghost cards have shadows too.

Now, I'm not too familiar with spoogens and the physics of shadows, but shouldn't something ethereal and a shadowy(well I tried to come up with a smart word for shadow, but it's really just a shadow) not cause a...shadow?

It doesn't make much sense, especially when TF's cards are opaque and ghostly, and last I checked spoogens don't have shadows. Zed's shadow -especially his Shockblade clone- are transparent. (seriously, his clone in his SB skin is nearly invisible and its shadow is really dark. Light doesn't work that way.)

At least can Underworld TF's spoogen cards not have shadows?

Shadow shadow shadow shadow shadow.

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I googled zed vs TF to prepare myself for my match. Now i'm a necro.