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When we started looking at Twisted Treeline really intensely earlier this year (around the start of 2011), there were many issues that the community had identified. Among the worst were turtling, the meta being pretty stale, and there were a pretty big number of exploits that had way too much of an effect on the game. (You probably already know this, though.)

No didn't know that, only thing i know is there are many champs waiting to be nerfed and you guys just waiting time in making your community mad, and that new TT has even more balance issues.

As for the fate of old TT, right now we have no plans to add it back into custom games. we wanted to make sure that we don't split the focus of our players for each game type. For the same reason we probably won't ever create a 5v5 map that's really similar to Summoner's Rift, we didn't want to split the TT community between two maps. There's really no winner in that scenario, as there are two maps to support, two metas to maintain, and overall a really small delta between the two. We'd rather have you and our teams focused on one, working together to make it great as opposed to two, having neither of them living up to their full potential. If competitive TT is also going to take off, having two maps, even in custom games, is detrimental.

So no new maps will be ever created? I dont know whats bad of having the community playing different maps... just think of other games, they have tons of maps and play modes, Why cant we have that? Whats the problem with it Riot? Too much work?

I propose something Riot, put the old TT back and the New one. Then, during the next weeks monitor how many players each one receives, and then we stay with the one that was played the most, and that would be the one that the community supports, as that's your goal, listen to the community right?

Let's be clear though, this is still Twisted Treeline. It is a bit different and sometimes change can be a little disruptive, but when we took a look at what we had on our hands after thousands of playtests, we wanted to release the new TT to you and get feedback as part of our Beta process. That's still ongoing, and we're going to continue to listen to your feedback and make changes going forward, ensuring that TT has the support it deserves.

Pfffff you doing this by defenetly not bringing back the old TT not even for custom?