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Ranked game suggestion. Consider it?

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This might sound dumb and stupid but i was just wanting other people opinions and if there is enough good feedback, could Riot consider it???
Well from experience, I have come to realise that people that enter ranked games only want to play one role, problem is, there always seem to be fights when two people want the same role. Resulting in a person to troll. Of course I know that when joining ranked games you should always be up for different roles other than your favorite.

So I would like to suggest if there could be a filter in which separates the different roles like Mid, Top, Jungle, AD and Support? and then match them together. I know it seems weird and all but maybe it could reduce the amount of trollers in games, as it is always annoying to have on on your team. So please respond i'd like to see some of other peoples view on this.

Kind Regards,

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No. Link will explain why after I edit link in.

EDIT: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2744432