Is the map going to be fixed?

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1) Top lane is way too long and easy to gank. You're guarenteed dead if one of them has exhaust and you're in the middle of the lane. You have to zone yourself to avoid dying at level 1/2 to their jungler, meaning the other laner will just kill you later

2) Altars are too important early: Lose a level 1 fight to the usual mishmash of bruisers and they have 150g, farming advantage and trading advantage then on. Trying to retake against any decent team will lead to the next point:

3) Going into the other team's jungle has no risk whatsoever attached to it. Its easy for a team to collapse in on the other's jungler/solo alter capper. There is no way to help the jungler in distress because if top and bot come in they're effectively split in two and picked off easily by the group of 3. Almost always leads to free altar and counterjungling of every camp. If the invade is somehow repelled, its easy to run over the speed shrine and get away scot free

tl;dr snowballing is out of control. Playing TT in its current state is almost akin to playing against old eve that would pop up and destroy you from behind. The game mode is not fun and TT has been butchered