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Damage text decay rate (I need help!)

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Here's my short story: I've been forced to use the legacy text for a very long time now, and it bugs me because I REALLY liked the old text A LOT more. I know it's weird that I come out with this issue since the legacy text has been added such a longer time ago, but I really would like to be able to use the old text over the Legacy text.
So here is my issue, when I use the Legacy text, the text simply floats upwards. . . in its boring and red ways, I can see the nubmers for about .75 to 1 second, there is no issue here. . . .

But when I unactivate legacy damage (switch back to old text), the text pops aside (for example, if I use teemo's poison auto, the red floats to the left (ad), the purple floats to the right (ap) - like its supposed to.) I see the color, I see the fon't (and size?) change, but this is the main issue:

The text decays in litterally .1 seconds. I've seen it decay at a much slower pace on other people's computers, like, on my gf's computer it lasts around .5 seconds and you can actually read the numbers. But on mine it goes away immediatly.

Is there anything I can do in order to decrease the decay rate of the text so that I can actually have time to READ the numbers?

If any part of this is confusing please tell me so that I can clarify, I would really appreciate some help here!

Thanks so much!

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Bump because facing the same prob