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My thoughts on the new TT

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I do enjoy the map, I like the idea that it's completely different meta wise than SR. With that being said, I think there are some things that need to be changed. As far as how to change them, I'm not sure, but I'm hoping everyone will be able to throw in some suggestions.

1.) the vision situation:
Champions with vision giving abilities have a huge advantage on this map. Teemo mushrooms, and nid traps have such a high duration that the entire map could be covered at any one time giving the enemy team a huge advantage.

Solution-Perhaps lower the duration of such abilities so that they can't just plaster the whole map in mushrooms/traps.

2.) Unbalanced matches:
Some champions have a huge advantage over others. For example: lee sin over akali, or any stealth champ. For me, the issue is that the champs that are commonly selected to be tanks in SR (Singed, Malphite, etc..) are becoming too tanky and still doing too much damage. For Singed, all you have to do is give him a torch and he does a fair bit of damage. Malphite, (NOTE: these are not the only 2, they are the 2 main ones I see) gets damage off of his armor so he doesn't really need anything else.

Solution:Remove some of the normal tanking items for SR (rand. Omen, etc) in favor of toned down versions. In TT, they aren't trying to tank a 5 man team, just a 3 man, ofc, give them something in return (maybe a small active effect that causes the last offensive ability used on you to stay on CD for an extra 4 seconds) something unique an original.

3.) Wall jumping:
I know this was a pretty big problem in the original TT, but it's starting to show up in the new TT too. There are certain spots on the map where wall jumping is possible for some champs, but not all champs with wall jumping abilities. I personally have a huge distaste for wall jumping being that we already have no vision of what's going on with the lack of wards. Usually, to combat this, you would ward in common places and when it looked like they were gonna prepare a wall jump, you could engage/run away. With this, there's no way to combat it.

Solution: Put a giant lane that runs North and South through the center of the map , and increase the wall size to make the wall jumping impossible.

4.) Remove the speed shrine in favor of something else:
I feel almost like I'm playing dominion with that speed shrine there. It's not really useful for anything and it's kinda annoying.

Solution: Replace the speed shrine with another buff shrine that does something pretty awesome. Perhaps make it so that:
1 shrine gives you +4 gold per kill
2 shrines gives you +10% ad/ap and +4 gold per kill
3 shrines gives you a buff for +5 GP/10, +10% ad/ap and +4 gold per kill
The third shrine would unlock 15 seconds after the East and West shrine's have unlocked so that it would encourage early plays and agression.

Just some ideas I had, what do you guys think?