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Going for Pro Season 3? Coach/Sponsor available.

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Update November 17th

We have temporarily put a hold on further submissions as we go through all those who have expressed interest.

Please check back in awhile.

Update November 13th:

Thank you all for the fantastic response.

"Motion Gaming" has been formed and is in the process of building teams at all skill levels. Our Mandate is to coach and train ANY player who wants to improve and especially those who have the drive to compete on a semi professional or professional basis.

If you previously achieved a rank of ...

2500+: Please contact me in game (Exqzr - Head Coach) regarding 1 on 1 coaching and representation. $250 signing bonus and guaranteed spot on the pro roster if we decide to work together.

2100 - 2500: Please contact RevengeBlade (pro coach/manager) in game. We are currently holding tryouts for our professional team. 30+ players have already been interviewed. We hope to have the team in place by the end of the week.

1900 - 2100: Contact Exqzr in game. This ELO range is very tricky. We'll talk to see if you should be looking at semi pro or pro. I promise you an honest evaluation.

1700 - 1900: please contact xenstall. (semi pro manager) We are forming a Semi-Pro Team. Note, players that shine on this level get prioritized for promotion onto the pro team.

1200 - 1700: contact hownowbrowncow. (Manager of minor leagues) We have3 minor league teams and plenty of duo queue opportunities. More players are joining our program every day.

700 - 1200 We Currently need a coach/manager for the Trainee Ranks. Please apply if interested.

Motion Gaming only works with players who are Coachable. Frankly, most players are not. But if you are dedicated, have the talent AND the right attitude. We can help.

********* Original Post

I am looking to coach/sponsor/promote a team (new or existing) or individuals wanting to get on a team that are serious about the LoL pro scene. If you want to improve your game significantly, let's talk.

I do not care what your current rank is only your potential mixed with attitude and commitment. That said, honestly evaluating your own skill level is the first important step to understanding if you can make it to pro or not. Also, you must be at least 17 or close to it and willing to sub/assist in other ways until such time as you are.

If you feel you have the potential to get to the top and a coach will help you accelerate your rise. This is your opportunity.

I personally feel that the NA teams are struggling against the world because they do not execute in team fights very well.

Their macro strats are slow to adapt and the games play out as 5 "individuals" coming together temporarily and not one "team" fighting as a cohesive unit day in and day out.

I feel good coaching could help to change this

If the team shows enough talent, I will personally sponsor it or find a sponsor.

If you are wondering, no I am not a star player, nor will I ever be. That was 20 years ago maybe. I am also somewhat controversial in my opinions. For example, I do not believe a "gaming house" is the best option for bringing a team together or improving results.

My strengths are in theory craft, strategy, management and leadership. The mechanics and execution will be up to you.

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Hello, I am currently looking to start a team for S3 and with my current members, we would all love to play professionally and are all extremely passionate about it.

My history lies in Xbox where my team had 8 sponsors for Call of Duty: MW2 through Black Ops and into Modern Warfare 3. We took many high ranks including 2nd, 4th, and even 1st in the world. So you can believe that dedication, hard work, practice, team development and so forth are all things I take very seriously and as will any member of a team I make.

I only look for people that I see great potential in because I know that someone could be awful at a video game and in two months be one of the best players you have ever seen, It all just relies on the things I listed above.

I was the team captain for all of my call of duty teams and me along with another member basically led us to playoff position many seasons in a row.

I also played World of Warcraft at an extremely high and competitive level of 2700 in 3v3 arena.

I would really like to talk to you more about this because I think this could be the start of something fantastic.

Please contact me by one of these:

IGN: GunNoize
Skype: its_khub

EDIT: Just verifying that I am indeed 18 years old.
I am willing to do anything to reach success and I will make sure any members of the team are willing as well.
I do not believe in quitting or negativity. There is always a chance to win no matter how slim the chances seem, you just have to believe you can win and I push that mentality on every member.

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I absolutely love e-ports, the crowd, the atmosphere, the competition, the games themselves. I would absolutely love to try for this. To be honest I am not the best in the world, in fact, I am sub-par at best. But, back in the Halo 2-Reach days I was terrible at the game but then tried and tried and became a local LAN winning player. This game I feel would be the same. If you are willing to teach and put up with me in the short-term, I could excel in the long-term. If you are interested please add me in game =)

Also played WoW in all late game raids, and also hit like 1800 in 3v3's way back when.

IGN - Metagost
I am 21, and in about a month I will have my own internet lag-free.

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Hey, I'd love to sit down and talk to you sometime. We have a team already made up.

I think that maybe you could be amazing for us. So please get back to me.

IGN Jaxum

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Hey, I want to talk to you about something.

Email me @ [email]SeanH@fyc-pro.com[/email]

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Thanks for the replies, please contact me in game and I'll get you started.

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Baxter the Teddy

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I'm the unofficial team captain of a new team. Were trying to go pro this season. Have no idea if we WILL do it, but I think we CAN do it. We have the talent and skill and I feel we have the dedication.

I dunno if I'm really looking for someone to coach us, it'd be great, don't get me wrong. At the least, I'd love to talk to you about the game and it's current meta, the upcoming changes. Also, I'd really like to talk about how to run an e-sports team. There's so much more than just playing the game and I'd love help with all of it!

LoL- FlC_Madman

E-mail me or message me in game for my skype info if you wouldn't mind sitting down and talking with me!

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Topsy Crets

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I'd like to speak with you. I'm a support main. Add me in game so we can talk.

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Hello, im interested in your coaching. I have been playing LoL for quite a while now with some breaks and i have been very interested in the esports. Currently its my "dream" goal in life()
I consider myself to have potential to attempt to make it up there but more help the better, especially opinions from strangers ;p(as my irl friends just say im too pro and stuff which isnt helping)
my ign is Xerthi( currently level 23 future main, have a lvl 30) and email : [email]zhangxxh@live.com[/email]

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Cool, after you guys make your team.. you should try out practicing in tournaments and scimming against other people. Try out Cosmic Gate or Z33K tournies.