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How about 2 rankeds divisions?

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I was thinking that maybe making 2 rankeds divisions is a good idea (or maybe 3), as you know players with level 30 can start playing rankeds. Obviously players who just reached the level to play rankeds do not have the experience to match older players, so they probobaly end up beeing carried or putting the team down (im not saying this in a bad way, obviously there are exceptions), we just can't compare a player with 300 wins or less who reached level 30 and start playing rankeds (it takes 3 o 4 wins to get near 1300 elo) with a player with over 2000 games between rankeds (of the past season) and normals who start playing rankeds at the begining of the season or whenever he liked to start (he will start at the same elo), its just unbalanced (at least between 1100 and 1600 elo)... and we all know, with the exceptions of a few super players who can carry an entire team, the rest of us (the mortals) need team sinergy to win and get our elo raise, in other words, good players or experienced players to play with for winning games or having a matched game or an honorable defeat, players of your "gaming level" for having a fun game, and a good game experience.

So imagine this, normal games could count just for making the divisions (not to considering them in elo), for example a player with over 2000 games between rankeds and normals, enters automatically in the first ranked division (cause they have more experience in the game, so they "should" be better than the new ones), and players below that amount, will fit in the second ranked division (this is just an example maybe 3 divisions would be better, or maybe making divisions with a different amount of games played, I dont know, its just an idea). Making this obviously will improve the match making system, making the game more balanced, more fun, and competitive (specially in rankeds, I know we all rage eventually when we play with some guy who is screwing the match, and again im not saying this in a bad way, just telling the thruth) (and probably that will keep happening but with less frecuency im sure).

With a system like this players who just reached level 30 can play rankeds with other players with the same experience than them wich is obviously more fair, and the old school players will be playing with players with their same "gaming level".

Imagine tournaments of the two rankeds divisions teams at the end of the season, as the europa league and the champions league hahahaha would be fun.

So what do you think guys?

PD: Sorry about my english, I hope you understand the idea.