Should I wait?

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Hello everyone. With the servers resetting soon, my elo will be bumped back up to close to a 1000. I dug myself into a hole last season playing support solo queue and it was almost impossible to get out. I was able to make gains and pull myself out a little bit, but it was brutal and for every game I won I would lose 1 or 2 games. I would end up having to play 4-5 games a day in order to make a very little elo gain. So my question is, do I let the people who belong in the lower elos settle down to the 700s, 600s, and lower? Or do I try to get out there and start the elo climb early this season so I can get somewhere respectable? Any thoughts? I didn't play during season 1 so I don't know how this pans out. Any advice would be welcome.