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Champion Selection

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YO, good job on improving the champion selection with the ready check before que, my only qualm is that if you leave during champ select you get a que timer and reduced rating (idk about that for sure, but if you do then it should be removed). These timers and rating reductions should be removed because ... One, people D/C during select then get the shaft of que timer/rating cut. Two, your team legitmentally trolls you during select picking off champs and what not and you get pinged for leaving. I know that its already kind of a process getting into a game and that removing these functions will make it even harder but the end result will be better games because people will definately be in a game that they want to be in. I know this will inspire a lot of people to play games where they get the champ they want only. This idea isn't polished but something should be done because the people who really want to play are still getting owned by trolls in the lobby and pinged for a good desision to leave. Thanks for hearing me out and continueing to improve the game play of League of Legends.