Anyone got there 2 cents on Blitz top?

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I ended up playing blitz again after a very long break of playing till i decided to take him top just to see what happens, and to my amazement I did fairly will with my attack damage build. Do you guys think blitz could be a viable top lane champ?

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He's a better support, though, he does great top if you know what you're doing. He's fairly passive up top until level 6, and anyone who pushes to your turret will regret it.

He is one of the best characters to gank for in the game, especially since most tops have no experience facing Blitz. Never use your pull for initiate, yet rather go in and force them into a fight they believe they can win, then when the jungler shows and starts to run you grab.(Pref after flash)

Its not the meta though, so you will get raged. It works well though, and makes for a very strong team comp.

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Basically what Reimie said.

Blitz is just an astonishingly good support (when he isn't banned). I assume the original poster must be playing Blind Pick. In which case, you probably won't get TOO much heat for breaking the meta, but I'm always a fan of following it and only experimenting when you're playing with a pre-made group that would be okay with it, or if you ask your teammates if it's okay in Champ Select. Last thing you want is the entire team bickering over something like that.

Be that as it may, I can't imagine why it would be a bad thing personally. Blitz has always been a pretty solid champ outside of his support role.