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Errrr Katarina Old Timers?

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So ive been playing katarina for at least seven months now,and i have all her skins,anyways,ive constantly been seeing her around for the past few weeks,and thats ok,i mean im glad shes getting noticed,cuz she really is an amazing champ.
But Riot PLZ
Shes op,i swear
I prefered the old katarina,where u had to time your w with your abilities,and actually have to have some level of skill to play her
Now anyone can just go q to e to w to r and get a kill
I find this rlly annoying,as it used to be cool to play her and do good
Now its just so easy its a joke
I recently put her down for a while,and im hoping riot does something to fix her
Maybe give her a new passive?
Idk what,but anything that can maybe nerf her a bit would be good
And riot plz dont make her unplayable,just make it so she isnt op
Any other long time katarina players get where im coming from?