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5V5 ranked. we NEED you!

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What's up? My name is Intenzz, and I am looking for 2 more League players to fill our Jungler/Top and Mid lane positions for our 5v5 ranked team.
We are a pretty competetive team, we play alot, really well, and we are very serious about going up the elo 5v5 ladder.
We are extremely excited about Season 3 and we're really wanting to move up the ladder as much as possible.
So if you got it....Bring it. Message me or Caden UO for more info since we need to try you out asap.

Level 30
ELO: Doesn't matter
Skype required
Positive Attitude and Open Mind
Team Player

If you're interested in our ranked 5's team, please reply in this format:

Summoner Name
Favorite Position
Top 3 Champions, if possible

Or you can just message me or Caden UO If you don't want to post back on thread so we can get more info about you . My ingame name is also Intenzz.

Thank you very much and can't wait to see you on the fields of justice!