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The Answer to "Flash" (A suggestion)

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As we all know, Flash is an extremely rewarding Summoner Spell. Countless time it has saved you from a Hard CC or from a that final Skill Shot that would have done you in. It has also net you that last Auto Attack or Ability, thus killing your opponent during that aggressive push.

It is precisely these reasons that in the vast majority of games 80% of the field will take flash. Baring a few ghosts, and maybe a cleanse here and there, Flash dominates its role so ubiquitously to not take it draws ridicule from the vast majority of competitive players.

Flash has continually been nerfed, but its problem isnt the distance or even the Cooldown. The issue is that unlike every other Summoner, Flash is extremly strong Defensive and Offensive, allowing an instantaneous reward, one with the benefit of circumventing terrain or champion abilities alike. Its a get "insert reward" free card. At the push of a button.


Flash needs to be split into TWO spells.

Flash and Phase

Flash (new): Would be reverted to its original distance (or perhaps even further), and continue to allow movement over solid terrain. The downside is that it would have a channeling time, 0.5-1.0 seconds (much like Twisted Fate or Pantheon's respective Ults). If affected by an opponents Spell, The channel would cancel, canceling flash (whether Flash goes on CD or not would need testing, IMO).

Phase: Would gain Flash's instant push button immunity. The champion would be untargetable and unaffected by NEW cc (this would not Break CC) for somewhere between 0.5 and 1 seconds. Meaning if amumu appeared from the jungle, a well timed Phase would completely negate his Bandage Toss. Offensively, lets say you are fighting a Graves and you know he is going to dash and Buckshot, a well timed Phase negates a major portion of his damage.


For Flash, the benefits could be tremendous! a longer flash can mean some interesting Gank styles from the jungler. Punishing lanes for not warding, rewarding aggressive low level tower dives, and heart pounding last second escapes. Imagine a Moakai who can spend 1 second channeling flash from the bottom river bush, suddenly appearing in the middle of bottom lane, then rooting the opposing support who is sitting in a warded bush. Even without its instant reward, flash is a very competative Summoner. With this change it is even more strategically played. Cant get away from a champion? Timing a flash to Juke them now could almost guarantee your safety, but if not timed right... You're still SOL. Bringing flash much more in line with other Summoners.

Phase is self-explanatory, as described above, knowledgeable use of the skill would determine how effective this is.


- Other summoner skills would feel enticing once flash is reduced in power.
- Certain "Mobile" champions wouldnt be practically unkillable. Regardless of playstyle/ability
- The specific utility of Flash is retained, but now in two sepperate incarnations
- You can still get the feeling of instant salvation by taking both Flash and Phase
- Increasing the power of each aspect of "original" flash creates interesting opportunities
- The 'new' flash and phase will have less restrictive Cooldowns!!!
- Competitive games might not have 9/10 players taking Flash, how exciting for us Spectators!

- There is no longer an "I WIN" card when playing a game (unless you choose Garen)
- Unskilled play will no longer be rewarded "because he just flashed away"

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I honestly like Flash on how it is. But they need to raise the distance if they are going to raise the CD on it.

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Interesting idea.

Phase could be a cool mechanic but they would have to make it such that it does not block CC. Otherwise it undermines the purpose of the already underused cleanse ability.

Flash having a channel that is more realistic, say a few to five seconds, but a much longer distance, interrupted by any sort of attack or ability is much more realistic. It allows for it to be a ganking tool and if you are really crafty as an escape tool. It gives the tanks and bruisers with a lack of initiate a way to do so. In other games similar to LoL, they made flash an "item" that you had to dump lots of gold into.

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I would like to take the time to bring up the issue of wards aswell, i feel the distance it reveals is approximately 23.5 range too large and should be reduced, thus making it a balanced item. Lol flash? really? people will find anything to try and "change" in reality its mostly for attention.

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Indeed Attention...

Well, thank you Lorg for some constructive thoughts.

Since the majority of limited response is about why flash is balanced. I will address why it is not.

#1 - it is getting yet another Nerf, this is, at least, the 3rd time that its Cooldown has been increased since the game was officially released. Beta had ALOT of reductions to flash, including a major reduction to the range (used to flash anywhere within a screens width) then it's range was reduced again right around the end of S1.
- So if you think Flash is "alright" as is, Riot disagrees with you and is again nerfing it.

#2 - Reducing the Cooldown does very little to address flash's real balance problem. As Lorg mentioned Cleanse, lets take that Summoner as an example. Cleanse vs Flash. Cleanse is a very strong summoner ability, allowing a player to remove ALL debuffs affecting him. This includes all types of CC, all "DoT" or Healing Debuffs on the champ, and reduces the CC effectiveness of all future incoming CC. So why don't we see this Summoner in many upper echelon competitive games (2k+)? Why do we only see it taken against specific champions with VERY strong Ults, or against teams that are assumed to be going Extremely aggressive with Ignite, look for a level 1-2 kill in lane? Why has Riot continually BUFFED Cleanse, if it's already so strong? The reason is Cleanse is barely 1/2 the power of Flash. Flash, which allows you to escape nearly ALL similar situations as with cleanse, allows you to escape many other situations that Cleanse would be rendered impotent by, AND has a host of Offensive capabilities if used situationaly. How many times have you read "oh, man that cleanse really secured that kill!" hmm?
- Until the Cooldown is 8-10 minutes Flash will still be nearly mandatory as it is the best summoner to use in nearly every situation.

#3 - You might like how it works, in fact so do I, so does apparently well over 90% of the Competative LoL players out there (watch some matches, count how many champs have flash). The issues isnt whether we like having an "I WIN" button but instead whether its good for the balance and variety within the competitive arena. When Flash is the only good counter to Flash, and Flash counters nearly every other Summoner it might just need a little balancing.