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Brand new 5vs5 RAnked Team need DEDICATED-Top and Mid lane !

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Recruiting for a new ranked team. We have very few to no dedicated players and we need more.

We have been having alot of people that are not active. But if we get more requests then we will start another team.

This team is going to require heavy dedication, 1-3+ hours per day i will make an exception for sundays so we can take a day off. Each player will also be required to have ventrilo or skype. 4-6 days a week MINIMUM of practice.

We will have leadership in this team, basicly Leader, and 2nd Leader etc.I will decide based on leadership, skill and Dedication who is what.

This is a serious team guys, so please dont apply if you cant fit requirements!

Please fill out the application below then add me on leauge of legends and i will talk to you and send you my vent info.

Add me on leauge right away: lokesha

Best role:
Best champions in that role:
Do you have skype:
Highest Solo Elo:
How long have you played:

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IGN: LtPeppyTheeGreat
Age: 19
Timezone: EST
Best role: Mid
Best champions in that role: Gragas, Ryze, Karthus, Anivia, Morg, Orianna, Kassadin, Ahri
Do you have skype: Yes (dislike it but have it)
Highest Solo Elo: 1578
How long have you played: Since end of Season 1