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Looking for a group

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I just want to have a group of friends at my skill level that I can play with. The friends that I talk to either are really bad or extremely good. So I am looking for some people that are descent (if you know you arn't good please just don't join I rather not have to kick people out)

I have 243 wins currently.
I havn't played ranked before but I am planning on it in the future.

If I do get a group of people I want to start off playing normals (draft pick) so we can build our skills togeather as a team and eventually work our way up to ranked.

I woud like it if you had have from 200-300 wins.
It doesn't matter if you have or havn't played ranked before.

I am thinking about getting about 5-10 people to join this group so incase if a some people arn't online. First come first serve.

It would be great if everyone had skype so you can easily just create a skype account if you don't already have one.

If you are interested just add me my summoner name is Lil Def 262
Thank you all so much