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New, Old, or Both?

New Twisted Treeline 1 20%
Old Twisted Treeline 1 20%
Both!!! 3 60%
Voters 5 .

The new TT and how to settle the disputes.

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Prince Jarvan lV



Asking around on my friends list, I've noticed that the opinion on the new Twisted Treeline is basically split right down the middle. Most say that the new one is fun and exciting, but they still miss the old one. I agree completely with this, so what I say is put the new Twisted Treeline game mode in with the dominion selection, and put the old Twisted Treeline (possibly reworked to keep turtling out of it?) back in with the classic selection. This way, there is a choice between the two maps. I just feel like with the altars and speed shrines that the new TT is more similar to a dominion experience, and I enjoy it, but I still love the old one.

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Junior Member


I much prefer the new TT to the old, it takes all the snowball champions and slows them down, I love the new items, and it definatly makes the game fun and interesting. Mind you, I started this game playing the old 3v3 TT and it was all snowball. I just didnt enjoy it like I do this new one. Too many people wanted to play a 1/1/1 strat, and then it would get wrecked by the old 1/2 strat and it bugged me so much. This new play style lets both be equally viable for competetive play. Keep the new and out with the old IMO!