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[November MCCC Entry] Vacc, the Exterminator Extraordinaire

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Vacc, The Exterminator Extraordinaire

This is an entry for the November 2012 MCCC: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2760960



Vacc is a young Yordle who wears dark-grey coveralls, can always be seen chewing on a strand of wheat, and wears a makeshift cap. He carries an enormous backpack, which is noticeably larger than he, and from it extends a large tube that connects to his "suck-o-matic pest inhaler," a twin barreled vaccum (one barrel to suck in, the other to suck out) whose tremendous power and incredible storage capacity defies reason.

Short Version: A Yordle in a pest control uniform who uses a Vacuum in a manner similar to ghostbusters, but for pest control.
Born on the outskirts of Bandle City, Vacc had always been fascinated by the wildlife, be it the insects that skittered unseen, the cows who calmly munched on grass, or anything in-between. He wanted to collect them, study them, and would spend hours trying to catching any critter he could get his hands on, but repeatedly found himself with no way to catch critters that were bigger than he, and with no where to put the smaller ones, no way to keep them. His frustration grew with each passing day, and Vacc decided to do what any self-respecting Yordle would have done; he built himself a solution. Locked away in his basement, he toiled away with barely contained vigour. Each day spent below only served to increase his desire to collect, to the point that it became an obsession, but he knew that what he was building was worth having to wait a little longer. It was only have weeks of work that Vacc emerged with a most curious contraption. Consisting of an enormous, physics defying, containment unit that strapped on to his back and was enormous double-barrelled Vacuum, the "suck-o-matic pest inhaler" provided Vacc with the means to catch any critter, regardless of speed or size. The containment unit's ability to warp the space within meant that it had an infinite storage space meant that Vacc would never have to worry about making room for the critters he caught, and he eagerly went on the hunt, using it to "inhale" any critter that caught his eye.

Even collectors need an income, and Vacc's weeks of work on the suck-o-matic had left him with little coinage to his name. Sensing an opportunity to both feed himself and his obsession, he created what would soon be one of the most successful (and notorious) pest control businesses in all of Bandle City, and Valoran for that matter. The business allowed him to feed his obsession by catching critters of all shapes and sizes, and to him, the money was just a plus. There was of course a few minor setbacks, a few clients had their entire house inhaled by the suck-o-matic, but these incidents only served to increase his publicity. Vacc found himself restless once more, despite the thriving business. There was a whole world out there, full of different kinds of critters, and he grew tired of always catching squirrels, termites, and the occasional bandersnatch. Vacc took it upon himself to travel across Valoran, going as far as the jungles of Kalamanda, The Frozen Frejlord tundras, and even beyond to the Shadow Isles. Monster Hunter, Exterminator, and Collector of great repute, Vacc set his sights on the only two critters that had yet to be added to his collection, Baron Nashor and Vilemaw, and headed towards the League of Legends.

"Few can be as innovative as a Yordle with a passion, and fewer still as scary as one with an obsession, or a super charged vacuum." - Jayce, the Defender of Tomorrow
Vacc is meant to be a medium ranged caster who excels at focusing down a single target in team fights, and keeping them within range of his allies. He has limited mobility, but makes up for it with two pulls - one of which is AoE - and with exceptionally high damage when fighting at close range. Both his E (Critter Barrage) and his R (Catch Them All!) deal significantly greater damage at close range, and provide him with a significant team fight presence, but his low range makes him dependent on the shield that his E (Manic Determination) gives him, in order to weather the enemy team's attacks. Although he his equipped with two powerful CCs, his Q (Inhale) and his R (Catch Them All!), he lacks an effective means of fleeing from his opponents because they both involve pulling the opponent closer to him, and his onlyform of mobility, his E (Manic Determination), is short duration move speed boost that requires he continue casting his abilities in order to be maintained. Vacc would likely be played top lane where his low range would be less of a detriment, or possibly as a jungler, where he can make use of the high damage on his E (Critter Barrage), and the bonus damage from his Innate (Critter Surprise) to quickly clear the camps.

*stat values are ordered by base (level 0) + per level -> level 1 -> level 18*
Max Health: 400 + 87 -> 487 -> 1966
Health Regen (per 5 seconds): 6.2 + 0.65 -> 6.85 -> 17.9
Mana: 240 + 55 -> 295 -> 1230
Mana Regen (per five seconds): 6.8 + 0.65 -> 7.45 -> 18.5
Range: 400
Attack Damage: 50.4 + 3.2 -> 53.6 -> 108
Attack Speed: 0.625 + 2.25% -> 0.639 -> 0.878
Armor: 13 + 4 -> 18 -> 85
Magic Resist: 30
Move Speed: 315
Vacc's stats were balanced to be slightly higher than Morgana's. He's meant to be a close ranged caster, but was given slightly higher stats (some of which are closer in line with Rumble's) because he lacks the sustain mechanic and doesn't have as effective a form of ranged harrass as Morgana or as effective an escape as Rumble.


*Note: all AoE numbers indicate the ability effect's diameter, and not their radius.*

[Innate] Critter Surprise: Vacc carries critters of all shapes and sizes within his suck-o-matic's container, and will occasionally launch "projectiles" that are significantly bigger than what his opponents expect.

Passive: On-hit damage increase. Every fourth attack will launch a massive critter that deals additional magic damage and slows the target's attack speed.

Damage: 14 + (Vacc's level *7) + (AP*0.4)
Attack Speed Slow Amount: 25%
Attack Speed Slow Duration: 1 seconds

Vacc shoots out a random critter (be it a squirrel, a sheep, a bunny, the occasional turtle, etc) or even a piece of debris whenever he attacks, and every fourth attack will instead launch a larger critter (a sheep, cow, wraith, and sometimes a piece of furniture) that strikes the target and slows them.
This ability gives Vacc a mean to hit hard whenever he gets close enough to trade with his opponent, and has a large thematic component to it. The thought of having him be able to suddenly shoot a significantly larger animal such as a pig or a cow instead of a porcupine or the odd chair amused me quite a bit, and I found that it added a lot thematically to the champion.

[Ability] Inhale: Changing the setting on his suck-o-matic, Vacc attempts to draw the target into the suck-o-matic

Active: Point & Click/ Single target damage + Pull. Pulls target enemy towards Vacc over 0.15 seconds, and damages them. Pull Strength is based off of the target's missing HP.

Cast Range: 500
Base Pull Strength: 135 + 1.5 per 1% hp target is missing (285 max)
Base Damage: 60/100/140/180/220 + (AP*0.55)
Mana Cost: 50/55/60/65/70 mana
Cooldown: 6/5.5/5/4.5/4 seconds

Opening up the suck-o-matic's intake valve, Vacc creates powerful suction that drags a target enemy towards him.
Vacc's staple damage skill, it provides him with a low cooldown, moderate damage nuke that allows him to keep his foe in range for both his spells and auto-attacks, and synergizes well with both his ultimate and his W.


[Ability] Manic Determination: Vacc's desire to acquire all these cool critters and champions gets the better of him as he embraces the challenge and enters a collecting frenzy.

Passive: Gains additional move speed on spell cast. Does not stack. Move Speed gained is a flat amount.

Duration: 1.5 seconds
Bonus Move Speed: +24/33/42/51/60 move speed

Active: Self Buff. Vacc gains a shield that blocks incoming damage. The shield regenerates its HP at a rate based on the number of nearby enemy champions. Stacks up to 3 times.

Detection AoE: 1100
Duration: 3 seconds
Initial Shield Amount: 60/100/140/180/220 + (AP*0.4)
Shield Regeneration (Per Second): 6/10/14/18/22 + (AP*0.04) per nearby enemy champion [18/30/42/54/66 + (AP*0.12) at 3 stacks]
Mana Cost: 50/55/60/65/70 mana
Cooldown: 14/13/12/11/10 seconds

Vacc revs the suck-o-matic's engine, lets loose a maniacal laugh, as his obsession takes the form of a visible sphere of energy that protects him from his opponents.
Vacc's only form of escape, and of damage reduction, this ability yields the highest result when used in the thick of a teamfight in order to withstand the enemy's barrage of abilities, and allow Vacc to quickly close the gap on his foes.
[Ability] Critter Barrage: Vacc launches three short salvos of critters towards his hapless foes

Active: Variable Distance AoE. Deals damage in three AoEs that are equally spaced out between Vacc and the targeted point. Units that are struck by more than one AoE will only 30% damage from the subsequent salvos.

Cast Range: 900
Delay between Salvos: 0.2 seconds
Salvo AoE: 300
Damage per Salvo: 70/110/150/190/230 + (AP*0.60)
Max Damage: 112/176/240/304/368 + (AP*0.96)
Mana Cost: 60/70/80/90/100 mana
Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8 seconds

Three salvos containing a variety of critters are launched in a line. The first salvo will always land immediately in front of Vacc, while the second one will land so that it is of equal distance from Vacc and the targeted location
, and the third salvo will land so that the tip of its AoE touches the targeted point. This means that Vacc can sacrifice a longer cast range in order to make the AoEs overlap.
Vacc's main for of harass in-lane, Critter Barrage gives Vacc the option to either focus on close range, heavier damage or longer ranged, ligher damage. This ability benefits from his ability to pull enemies closer to him, and proper timing can devastate the enemy team.

[Ultimate] Catch them all!: Stretching suck-o-matic's capability's to the limit, Vacc laughs maniacally as he attempts to "collect" everyone, and everything, in front of him.

Active: Channeled AoE DoT + Pull effect. Vacc stuns and pulls all units in a cone towards him, dealing damage over the duration. Enemies Closer to Vacc take 30% more damage.

Duration: 1 second
AoE Length: 525
Max Damage AoE Length: 250
AoE Width: 150 - 375
Damage Interval: 0.1 seconds
Damage per Interval: 18/26/34 + (AP*0.08) damage [23.4/33.8/44.2 + (AP*1.04) at close range]
Maximum Damage: 180/260/340 + (AP*0.8) damage [234/338/442 + (AP*1.04) at close range]
Pull Strength: 525 units over 1 second
Mana Cost: 125
Cooldown: 120/105/90 seconds

By completely opening the suck-o-matic's intake valve, Vacc unleashes its full capacity, and creates an effect similar to opening a hole in a pressurized environment. Enemies are forcefully pulled towards the suck-o-matic, with increasing force as they approach it.
A powerful AoE CC ability, Catch Them All! brings afflicted units in range for a max damage Critter Barrage, and allows Vacc to single out a target for harrass with Inhale. Manic Determination allows him to better place himself for an optimal cast, and this ability can significantly affect the flow of a battle.

The inside is bigger than the outside!: In terms of abilities, Vacc meets this requirement because his W (Critter Barrage) has the option to make the AoEs overlap in order to deal increased damage, and his R (Catch Them All!) deals greater damage to enemies who are closer to the center of the cone than to enemies on the edge.
In terms of lore/fluff, Vacc's "suck-o-matic creep inhaler" uses a containment system the size of a large backpack that allows him to access an infinite amount of space within it, and he uses it to hold the thousands of critters that he shoots at his opponents.

Relative Dimension: Vacc fulfills this requirement with his E (Catch Them All!), which regenerates its shield hp based on the number of nearby enemies, and his Q (Inhale), which has increased pull strength based on the % HP the target is missing.

Time and Space!: Vacc fulfills this requirement with his Q (Inhale), and his R (Catch Them All!) because they pull enemies towards him as he tries to suck them into the "suck-o-matic," in order to be added to his collection. More specifically, he uses dimensional storage to create an unlimited space from which to suck in or pull out critters.
Fun Stuff:
Release Skin: Vacc's release skin would be "Ghost Hunter Vacc" which would include different particles, a different voice over (don't cross the streams!), and would use ghosts as projectiles, instead of critters.

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Changelog 1.01

8 November, 2012

- added Vacc's Lore

- added Vacc's stats

- added in italics the animations that each of his abilities have.

Fun stuff:
- added a suggestion for what could be one of Vacc's skins
A significant update in terms of content, hopefully both the lore and the ability animation descriptions will help explain how Vacc's suck-o-matic fits this MCCC's theme. Stats were also added, and were made to be similar to Morgana's, as they both fit the role of medium ranged casters. All updates are subject to change/balance.

Changelog 1.02
11 November, 2012

- added more detailed descriptions of the ability's effects to clarify their intent.

Critter Surprise:
- damage increased from 12 + (6*Vacc's level) + (0.4*AP) to 14 + (7*Vacc's level) + (0.4 AP)
- movement speed slow replaced with an attack speed slow.

Catch Them All!:
- Changed the Duration from 4 seconds to 3/3.75/4.5/5.25/6 seconds
- Changed the move speed from 20/30/40/50/60 + (15 per nearby enemy champion) to 40 + (15 per nearby champion)
- Changed the damage reduction from 10/12/14/16/18% + (3% per nearby enemy champion) to 16% + (3% per nearby enemy champion).
- Cooldown increased from 22/19/16/13/10 seconds to 22/20/18/16/14 seconds
A pretty simple update, I realised that the wording for my ability descriptions could use some clarification in order to better convey what I had in mind.
Critter Surprise's slow was removed because it seemed a bit redundant on a champion who already had a slow and a low cooldown pull. The damage has been increased and Vacc was instead given a attack speed slow to compensate for the removal of the movement speed slow.
Catch Them All! was changed to make it more significant at level 1. This makes it more reliable early game, and show leave its late game power untouched.

Changelog 1.03
13 November, 2012

- renamed Critter Barrage

Critter Barrage:
- ability completely remade.
- Name changed to Catch Them All!
- Now deals damage and pulls enemies over 1 second.
- Enemies closer to Vacc take more damage than those further away
- Effect description updated to reflect the change in effect.
Vacc's new ultimate, Catch Them All!, was put in because I felt that the critter launching was overrepresented in his kit, and that the vacuum aspect was underrepresented. The new ability fits well thematically, and allowed me to rename his W.

Changelog 1.04
14 November, 2012

- added a paragraph explaining my reasoning for their values

- added explanations of their synergies with each other, as well as what role they're intended to play.

- No longer deals AoE damage, only the primary target is affected
- damage adjusted from 60/95/130/165/200 + (AP*0.6) to 60/100/140/180/220 + (AP*0.55)
- Mana Cost adjusted from 40/50/60/70/80 to 50/55/60/65/70

Critter Barrage:
- Initial Damage increased from 70/110/150/190/230 + (AP*0.5) to 70/110/150/190/230 + (AP*0.6)
- Maximum Damage increased to reflect the above change
- Mana Cost adjusted from 50/65/80/95/110 to 60/70/80/90/100 mana
- Cooldown increased from 11/10/9/8/7 to 12/11/10/9/8 seconds
These changes were done in order to better explain my reasoning behind the stat and ability choice as well as to better balance Vacc's numbers.
Inhale's AoE was removed because it helped differentiate it from Catch Them All!, whose effect felt a little too similar. They both retain the pull, but the Inhale has been cemented as a single target, low cooldown, pull while Catch Them All! represents a short overload in power that yields noticeably stronger results.

Changelog 1.05
19 November, 2012

- added a description of Vacc's intended role in a team, as well his most likely lane assignment.

- Pull strength was changed from 200 to 135 + 1.5 per 1% hp the target is missing
- Cast Range increased from 450 to 500

Manic Determination:
- Passively grants Vacc bonus move speed whenever he casts an ability
- Active no longer grants bonus move speed based on number of nearby enemies.
- Active grants a 60/100/140/180/220 + (AP*0.4) HP shield that regenerates its HP based on the number of nearby enemy champions instead of granting damage reduction.
- duration reduced to 3 from 3/3.5/4/4.5/5 seconds
- cooldown reduced to 14/13/12/11/10 seconds from 22/20/18/16/14 seconds

Catch Them All!:
- Base Damage per interval reduced by 2 at all levels

A rather sizable list of changes, This is a shortened culmulation of the updates that I made to Vacc on the contest thread. Inhale was changed to emphasize targeting weaker enemies, and the cast range was updated to make it more in line with the range values on other champions (500 spell range is supposed to be the same as 400 attack range, its kind of weird that way).
The change to Manic Determination was to both give Vacc more of a caster feel, which a shield does better than damage reduction, and to make the ability have some utility in the jungle, while retaining its team fight emphasis.

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I'm not a judge, but a fellow contestant.
Seems like it fits the MCCC requirements for November.

I like the theme, but is there a backstory that makes the character what he is now, an exterminator?

And can he attack with basic attacks while using Q, and similarily, can the opponent use basic attacks?

Lastly, do you not believe that his E is a bit overpowered?

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I'm not a judge, but a fellow contestant.
Seems like it fits the MCCC requirements for November.

I like the theme, but is there a backstory that makes the character what he is now, an exterminator?

And can he attack with basic attacks while using Q, and similarily, can the opponent use basic attacks?

Lastly, do you not believe that his E is a bit overpowered?

I'm still working on the back story, but it will both explain why he's an exterminator, and divulge some details as to how his suck-o-matic pest inhaler works.

The Q is meant to be a short cooldown nuke, it isn't channeled but the pull would likely mean that it would prevent the enemy from attacking during its 0.2 second duration (and stop him from attackign because he'd be in the middle of a cast animation).

The E could potentially be very strong, but it depends entirely on what point the game is at. He isn't likely to face more than 2, perhaps 3 enemy heroes at once early on, which limits just how much move speed and damage reduction he'll be able to get at any given time. The main incentive in leveling it up is the cooldown reduction, and the fact that the movement speed bonus is flat means that having the move speed boost + Tier 2 boots will be equivalent to little more than a 30% speed boost. Hopefully these factors would help make the current numbers balanced, but i can always tweak them otherwise.

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Added his lore. feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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(Payment for the Nycta review)

Some notes:

Concept: very creative, but I hope you are aware drugs are bad for you?

Stats: 315 move speed is kind of fast for a champion that already has a 4 second melee slow and a pull. This may lead to Skarner syndrome where he just runs you down and slows you until you die. This, by the way, was the reason for the original Rumble nerf.

Passive: 40% slow for 0.6 seconds is kind of odd. With a decently fast attack speed this creates a stutter step effect which may even cause teammates to miss their skillshots! Perhaps make it a longer duration slow that gradually decays? Other than the slow it's basically the AP-to-auto-attack passive every other AP mid seems to have lately.

Q: Wait, so this is a ground target aoe or a cone? I assume it is a ground target ability, in which case it suffers from an issue I've seen elsewhere: a ground target ability with no delay is unavoidable and might as well be point and click. Also, the range is very short, making it effectively a slightly more complicated Darius hook. This is a champion defining ability and should be a little more than that.

W: I swear I've seen this in Dota but I'm not sure where. I like the idea, though it would be even better if the blasts were staggered so it isn't just a linear skillshot with an odd shape.

E: ROFL! Mental image of yordle chasing Teemo around with giant vacuum. The damage reduction (which is very powerful by the way: 33% is no joke, compare to Gragas' 18%) works well with his short ranged nature.

R: Bathos. This reminds me of Ziggs: Bombs! More bombs! And his ultimate is a BOMB! Ziggs didn't sell well for reasons such as this. It should be more than a flamespitter with slow, especially because Xypherous dislikes gatling gun type abilities AND inescapable slows (but he made Lulu... never mind). I'd suggest either getting rid of the redundant critters or making them play an active role, perhaps make them attack enemies and deliver a slow that way. ZERGLING GUN!

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Never seen a concept quite like this one. Good luck on the contest. And Raptamei, the thing from Dota is Nevermore the Shadow Fiends "Shadowraze"Ability. I have posted it below.

Shadowraze Q/W/EZ/X/C

Ability Damage
No Target Magical
Shadow Fiend razes the area in front of him, dealing damage to enemy units in an area.
Range: 200(Q)/450(W)/700(E)
Radius: 250
Damage: 75/150/225/300
10 75
Nevermore's trademark for harvesting souls.
When Shadowraze is learned, three independent abilities will be given to Shadow Fiend, each one casting a Shadowraze at a specific distance in front of him. The cooldowns are not shared.
Set of Shadowraze icons:

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Thanks for the feedback, guys!

@Raptamei: B-but I was told to say thank you when strangers gave me drugs, because they're expensive .

I might lower the move speed, but I actually based it off of rumble's current move speed. his only gap closer is a move speed buff that scales off of nearby enemy champions, and his Q's range is lower than Rumble's Harpoons. I'll have to consider it but I don't think I'd drop it below 310.

I realise that most AP champions seem to have an on-hit effect these days, but my reason for including it was mostly thematic. I wanted to convey to the player the fact that critters of all shapes and sizes were kept in the suck-o-matic, and I wanted his auto attacks to reflect the fact that bigger critters probably hurt more than the smaller ones :P. I'd like for it to do a bit more than just deal additional damage, but a slow might be a bit much considering that he has a low cooldown pull and a slow on his ult.

His Q was meant to be point & click from the get-go, which was one of the reasons for its low range. I intended for him to be a short-medium ranged caster, and the amount of power in this ability (it may be similar to Darius Hook, but also happens to have 1/4 the cooldown) means that giving it a longer range could easily make it OP.

I don't think DotA has anything quite like this ability (as far as I can tell). It provides Vacc with the option to go for lower potential damage & longer range by spreading out the AoEs, or lower range and higher potential damage by making them overlap. The ability operates in a manner similar to undertow because Vacc has full control over the full distance it will travel. I've changed the description to indicate the the AoEs do have a delay between eachother.

I would compare his E to Garen's Courage, because of their simlar duration. Vacc's buff is significantly weaker early game, but scales very well as teamfights near. This makes it the more likely candidate for leveling it last, because his other two abilities give him more benefits per level.

I might change the wording on his ult, but the suggestions you presented would likely yield the same result in terms of its actual effect. I'd rather not have the animals fight for him because he doesn't control them, he collects them, and I don't think that would lead to a very healthy relationship. I;m more inclined to think that Zigg's early mana costs and his high skill cap played a greater role in his lack of play in NA. I personally love Ziggs because of his theme, and his ability to bully'push the lane.

@Void22: Glad you liked the concept. I don't think his W would be quite like Shadowraze. It has a similar AoE stacking incentive, but it requires that he either sacrifice range for damage or vice-versa, and casts all 3 AoEs at once instead of having individual hotkeys for each.

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For the ult it might be amusing if instead of a rapid fire of random things it shoots out Baron Nashor and knocks enemies back. Just a thought