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About the Honor Initiative

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Komeiji Koishi

Senior Member


Over the past few weeks since the initiative started, I have noticed the significant impact with which the system has affected the various games I play, namely the consequential removal of some toxic elements in our gameplay. If the goal was to become a better community overall through this new system than the other communities of different gaming companies, then I definitely believe we are closer to achieving it.

However, what I have also noticed is the somewhat seemingly disproportionate amount of honor with which we could give to and receive from other people. There has been a rise in the amount of players recently with various medals which can be seen in champ select sporting "Honorable Opponent", and their numbers often exceed those wearing other colors signifying the other 3 honor traits. I believe this might be an inevitable flaw of the initiative for two reasons.

The first is that most (I'd say somewhere around/greater than 60%) of in-game chat is part of team communication, which is a much more important and prevalent aspect of gameplay than talking with the enemy team about your life experiences, for example. The first 20 minutes during most of lane phase is simply people calling "mia", "re" and the like, and generally maintaining radio silence for the most part. Only after teamfights do people start saying "Did you see that move?" in all-chat, or spamming "GGnore" as the game is about to end. Most of the time chat will revolve around team coordination, issues with players getting caught, etc, but the few times the enemy team uses all-chat, it is rarely more than a couple minutes worth of text. This difference becomes much more striking when the same members of your team are using a different VOIP service such as teamspeak and tend to generally ignore you while they tend to help each other out (or say call stealth mias to each other).

The second reason is the lack of options for honoring somebody in the post-game lobby. To put it simply, there is a 1/2 chance that somebody on the opposing team will give you "Honorable Opponent" or nothing at all as a reward for your behavior for each person on the opposing team, meaning 5 chances of 1/2 chance each. On your side of the team, there is a 1/4 chance of each member giving you a different reward, whether it be "Friendly", "Helpful", "Teamwork" or nothing at all, 4 chances of 1/4 chance each total (because you cannot include yourself). Thus there is a greater chance of receiving "Honorable Opponent" than there is of receiving any of the other 3 choices.