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Three Points of Change

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I am one of those players who played Twisted Treeline excessively(1k wins- at least 700 on TT) and I loved every minute of it. There are the map changes that I do love:

-Love the new base design, fixed so many problems

-Love Vilemaw. A TT specific monster that is viciously awesome

-Love Speed Buff. Brings a new twist to the map that is enjoyable and is a positive change.

When I played the old TT, I liked how it was similar yet different. By that I mean that I liked that I could play a build I liked in TT that would not necessarily be useless in SR. With that said I would like to change 3 vital things to bring that idea back.

-Remove the capture points. Although it is a fun new way to play the game I think it will grow to become an aspect of the game people will not enjoy. If it was removed it could bring back a traditional idea that a game relies more on skill rather than who can capture the most points.

-Expand/Add to Jungle. I really enjoyed the role of the red, black and green buffs in TT. I enjoyed how the could initiate fights, give advantage in fights and provide an important aspect for junglers. With this said I would welcome a character buff that is specific to TT so it does not necessarily mean that I NEED the older buffs back. Also with a expanded jungle it makes the map a little bigger which I think is needed.

-Items and Wards. The map is small so there is not really a huge need for wards. Wards however are so vital in a strategic sense for a team. Having total map control, that is a comforting feeling. Some of the newer items are a little overpowered for my liking and it takes away from my personal liking of the "Similar yet Different" feel that TT would bring. If it was up to me, these newer items might be removed. However if they were altered a bit so it made a balanced playing field with no dominant or useless player roles, I would be optimistic about the future of Twisted Treeline.

Twisted Treeline was a map that did need some changes and that is granted. However I do not think that a massive overhaul was needed. Maybe I am just another guy who rants about how Twisted Treeline used to be so much better. But if Riot can make changes that bring out the competitiveness of Twisted Treeline in a positive light I know that the community would back it 1000%.