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Boss Spawn

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I don't know if this is a thread already, but I want to make a little point from personal observation.
As far as I can tell;
Old TT: Red Buff was a good risky point on the map that would either benefit, or harm the player. All chance, it's great, right?
Main objective none the less, kill the dragon thing. Now you're one group of B.A. mo fo's! Right? It's great. But you're not unstoppable.

New TT: Giant spider? No thanks, I'll just pick two tanks and an assassin. Wait for enemies to take a point, initiate with a good ol maokai advance straight from TT to your doorstep. Then, I don't know... Darius pulls everyone aside, so Talon or Diana has a chance to pick out the wussy from the group and make it a 2v3. Aced, uh oh. They have time to split up and take both points! They have a big buff, what do?! We can't kill dragon, that guys gone, far away... Replaced with a huge spider, that gives no aid. It only pummels.
Ensuring your entire team HAS to be there for the secure kill.
But Oh No! Now the enemy team knows we're already in a bind.
Second ace, and we leashed for them.
So here's another scenario, screw the spider! She won't help.
Enemy team, buff at hand, slays the hell out of the spider. Ten percent on TWO scales is massive for a fed team.
Now the game is over. Two big buffs? Things are grim, indeed.

What I'm saying is, the buffs from altars can be extreme. The game becomes insane to turn around. Tanky champs rule, still.
That hasn't been solved, the only thing I really like about the new buff system is it isn't AD champ centered. AP finally shines through, and that's nice. Until Darius comes at you with double buffs, and an ulti from Hell.

Thank you for your time, smiley face.