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Elo hell

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elo hell does exist depending on your play style.
if you think kill score alone constitutes carryings, then thats the reason why you are at the elo you are at.
plenty of players with high kill scores, absolutely lose the game for their team; the object of the game is not to have a positive kill score.

also depending on someones play level its much easier to raise your elo from say 1300 to 1500 than it is from 1000 to 1200.
because at 1400 elo if you win your lane, your team is much more likely to win the game, that small difference you made will be that much more important.

at 1100 elo if you win your lane; its so chaotic that its less likely to matter towards winning.
at lower elos its more important to play high potency champions and rolls, that some players just might not play

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Apart from KDA, elo hell doesn't exist provided that you don't feed, afk, troll, QQ, quit, whatever.

I would say it is much harder to win lane at 1400 then at 1100. Your statement is true, but it has false logic.

I would argue the definition of winning lane, and the different magnitudes. I can completely zone and render their teammate virtually useless, essentially a 4v5 until lategame.

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The Boss FBH




You don't carry as hard as you think you do.

First off its not just scores that represent carrying. And by carry i mean i keep my team in to game and without me we wouldve lost a long time ago. I play duos with my friend who is 1600 and can do great and carry in any role but support. But he can only play on weekends so the other 5 days of the week im solo-qeueing and getting baddies...i win 3 lose 3 back and forth