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Champion folders

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It would be nice to see Riot implementing a new tab in the profile for each summoner or even remake the "Champions" tab to allow summoners to reorganise their champion pool into certain folders/pages like how the masteries are done.

These pages should be used for both organising champions we wish to play in a game AND ones we might want to ban in draft/ranked. For example, Blitzcrank might find himself in the latter page for many people.

I think it would make champion selection a lot easier because sometimes we're in those last few seconds and we're scrolling up and down trying to find a champion for a specific role but we don't really know which one we feel like playing.


I don't mean to be offensive to the person who created those "attribute tags" for champions but they are pretty useless in terms of organisation/filtering of champions. They could be kept as they're useful for new players who have yet to learn each champion but for higher level players, it might be more useful for them to create their own tags for champions which would make filtering more effective for each player (everyone has their own tastes). Of course there would be a "reset to default" just in case those tags ever got confusing.

Sorry if this idea has been put out there before. My ability at searching is quite bad. Hence my ****ty grades in research assignments TT_TT