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PLEASE listen to IronStylus's suggestions on the Sivir rework!

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"...We're going to go back into champions that need visual reworks to up fidelity but retain iconicism, but also to maintain or more heavily reinforce their theme. So, theoretically, if I were to rework Sivir I'd keep her that Wonder Woman/Xena style powerhouse that she is. I would keep her outfit minimal and I'd push her proportions more to make her as imposing and powerful as she should be."

Making her look more powerful and muscled, more like an Olympic athlete than a swimsuit model, is the absolute MUST for me in regards to her relaunch.

...also, her lore needs an incredible overhaul, because I'd argue that it's the worst in the entire game, but that's a different thread. Make her the head of an Amazon tribe or something...

I know that the ideas are probably already in the pipeline and beyond changing, but I will be very disappointed if she turns out skinny and spindly like the mages.