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A way to escape bad teams

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I like to think of myself as a pretty easy going person. I'm perfectly willing to fill whatever role needs to be filled out on a team. Unfortunately it seems most of the community does not share this trait. One example comes from just moments ago where upon entering champ select two players proclaimed "top or feed" at the same time while the other two fought over who would get to play ADC. All of them refused to reason or compromise. The end result was of course a terrible team comp with no hope of winning. In this kind of situation there is really no recourse. If i choose to dodge to avoid the loss I get slapped with a 5 minute wait timer and they get to return to the queue thereby reinforcing their toxic behavior. I know I can report them at the end but it seems like it would be better if it were possible to avoid it all together. I believe there are a few solutions which could help with this.

1. Having a limited number of "freebie" dodges which refresh after a certain amount of time that would allow you to escape potential losses due to toxic players without penalty.

2. A scaling penalty that begins at zero and increases with each subsequent dodge. The timer would begin to scale back down after a certain amount of time had passed or reset completely every day.

3. In lobby eject. Would be especially useful in solo/duo queue where it may be only one player causing the problems. Four players would have to agree to eject another. Probably not the best option as it has the highest potential for abuse.

4. In lobby report.If the queue dodge penalty must remain at least give us a way to accept that penalty knowing that we still have a way to report toxic behavior that occurs at champ select.

Reply with which option(s) you think would work best and/or ideas of your own.

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5) No changes. Report toxic players and they will be punished. Honor people who genuinely deserve it and play with confidence when you see people with those badges.

Leaving games is a toxic behavior. Giving players any more leeway than already exists to leave games is unacceptable.

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I agree with Tahngarthor. Allowing dodging only makes things worse then current. Report the bad, honor the good. Since champ select chat is now included for Riot reports you can report based on that, obviously "lane or feed" is reportable.

But let me say this, I assume you're talking about Solo Match Making Ranked, so if you're not prepared to play with random people who have random play styles and access to different champs/runes, and different preferences to roles to fill, then don't play solo match making. If you can't handle it, play with a full team of people you know and sort out the roles before the game, it'd solve all your issues.