Don't allow locking of both altars

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Small suggestion on the new altars in TT... I like once you capture one it locks, but I think capturing both and having them locked is too much. A lot of my matches just turn into a ping pong because of this mechanic. I think it'd be better if a team could only have one altar locked at a time, so there's always a chance to remove the 2 altar buff.

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I think the real problem is how easy it is to capture just 1 altar. It only takes a few seconds, in the 30 some TT games i've played in the past 2 weeks, altar capture is a little too easy.

I like having them both lock, that's so rewarding. It would be even MORE rewarding if they were much more difficult to capture. Personally i think they should take alot more time for 1 person to cap, but exponentially cap faster with 2 and 3 people. This means if you go to cap the enemy team's altar, your team has to commit, otherwise 1 person will be standing in their jungle for longer and it doesnt seem so hopeless. often when i see someone capping my altar and im half way across top lane, I dont bother because i know he'll have it by the time i get there.