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My opinion about the new 3v3

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So now that Ive played a fair amount of the new 3v3 and I haven't seen my suggestions pop up anywhere yet so I'm starting a new thread to discus them. keep in mind this is just my opinion feel free to argue any of my thoughts

1) the distances between lanes Is way to close. I know the intention behind this was to encourage a fast play style but I feel that all it does is encourage team battles and nothing else. most games I play their is little to no laning because of the constant ganking attempts. This makes the game feel like an ARAM if i wanted to team fight id go play an ARAM

2) The alters are a good idea but in my experience controlling them doesn't do much because if you can manage to hold them you are winning team fights and typically not farming because of the constant team fighting and alter holding. they are just icing on the cake for which ever team is doing already doing better. now I have had some games where alter control was a big deal and was actually determining the outcome of the game but these were few and far between. this goes back to my #1 that the lanes are too close to each other and encourages most if not all team fighting

3)I almost feel like the vilemaw and alter buffs should be switched so that vilemaw gives the increased health and mana regan, and the +10% AP and AD damage increase (maybe up it to 15 for a vilemaw buff) and the alters give increased attack speed and cooldown reduction. getting vilemaw almost never seems to be a priory because the buff doesn't really help enough to justify it, the potential to be ganked while fighting vilemaw is really high, and the time spent killing vilemaw could be better spent capturing an alter or taking a tower.

those are really the big problems I have with the map I don't mind that wards have been removed but I do think that if the map size is increased (which i would really like) then it might be a good idea to return wards or some kind of secondary vision like alter. I really do feel that the biggest problem with this map is the distance between the lanes and the pathing between the 2 lanes I don't like it I think it discourages any real laning/farming/ganking strategy and strongly encourages team fighting at a break neck pace

Thank you for reading and please comment and add your own opinions or thoughts