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Help understanding support

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What should be the attributes of a support champion?
And what champions are great for support other then the ones listed on the game

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Well, there are four things *I* look for in a support. They have to have at least two of them for me to even consider them.

1. Non-reliance on items throughout the game
2. Buffs for the ADC
3. Sustain for the ADC
4. Offensive capability

The first is rather important. No support is going to have enough money to get a Rabadon's quickly. Thus a champion that NEEDS it to do anything wouldn't be ideal. A good champion who shows a NON-reliance would be Blitzcrank. Whether or not he has items, his hook will retain it's effectiveness throughout the game.

The second through fourth kinda fit supports into their niches. A support who buffs their ADC will make the other team cringe in fear of the ADC. A good example of this would be Nunu, with his INSANE AS/MS buff. A champion who can sustain will ensure that the other team can't keep your ADC out of lane. The ideal sustain support is Soraka, since she can keep her ADC at full health and mana with reletive ease.

The fourth is a bit tricky. "Offensive" refers to both poke and full out engages. For example, both Lulu and Alistar are very offensive supports, but in vastly different ways. Lulu pours out poke onto the other team, while Alistar brings an amazing engage.

Now, I just said I wanted at least two for the support to work for me personally. Like one of my favorites, Blitzcrank, only has the first and fourth category. BUT, he fills these amazingly well. On the other hand, Sona fills every category fairly well, but isn't as hotly contested a pick as Blitzcrank. You need to base your pick off of what not only your lane needs, but what the game needs.

Some of the best supports would be Janna, Sona, Soraka, Alistar, Blitzcrank, Lulu, Leona, and Taric. Others *can* support, but I never have a reason to pick any "non-conventional" supports over these core ones.

Also, l2ward. Seriously. Do it.