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A Simple Request for Game-Casters of E-Sports Play

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Not sure where to post this but figured I'd give this a shot.

First off - I love to see LoL pushing the limits of e-sports, I enjoy watching the games however I am not a die-hard follower, more of a study-break kind of person.

That being said, every time I watch the game, I find it extremely ineffective to hear:
"OMG xPeke is diving the turret to get a kill on Westrice".

I think this type of casting - which uses player names - is great for avid fans (as it is for hockey and other high pace sports) but really makes it a bit tougher to watch for people who don't know a ton about the game or players. This is especially true for people who watch on the free-to-watch streams where the player names are hard to read on the sides.

I believe that replacing it with
"OMG Karthus is diving the turret to get a kill on Akali" makes the game much more available for a wider population of viewers and is possibly something the casters who announce for a program trying to expand its audience should consider.

The bottom line is that I can get by, and I'm not whining - but its a huge advantage that LoL has an eSport has over other sports and eSports is to offer the entertainment to a wider range of viewers by making it easier to catch on, and it is neglected.

Just a thought =P