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Why are skins misleading?

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This thread is just an attempt at calling attention to some...discrepancy between portrait art of skins and in game appearance.

EX=>Some skins like harbinger Kassadin or Darkforge Jarvan look completely different.
Kassadin looks badass and black, etc. in game however hes a weird off faded green that look more like a recoloring if anything not at all what was expected. Jarvans colors may as well have been rainbow for all the relevance it bears in-game. His cool harlequin styling in the portrait with red and black halves are instead Orange with silver/white metal armor that neither alternates in the same fashion nor looks similar whatsoever.

You can of course look for yourself on youtube or somewhere else to see in game appearance to make sure its what you think but many times this doesn't happen nor should it really be necessary.

YES you can -waste- your refunds on these skins if displeased but please fan-boys before you erupt in defense by attacking people you think are just criticizing know that this is done only with the intent of improvement. that is to say because i like this game i wish it to be even better especially in almost effortless ways that affect the consumer.

I like the game im happy to give them my money given what i get out, just wish they didnt have such unmatched skins to what you expect or at least added a DISPLAY IN GAME tab or something same with abilities. like you click on them and see them in game display on the same page as seeing what the ult is. any primitive version of this etc would be nice.

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Admiral Ackbro



I agree, I purchased Myrmidon Pantheon expecting his armor to look gold but it turned out to be a pure yellow. Much like butter. Where as I love to own the skin I bought (and use it more and more recently) I feel as if it should resemble much more like its Art. I know there are other skins out there that are misleading.

I kind of feel that Frozen Shen is misleading in that it changes few details on his appearance, and for a Legacy skin its rarely used because of that small difference. Katarina's High Command skin is the same way as Shen's few differences can be seen unless closely looked upon.

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or explorer ezreal in the pic hes in all brown but on the map hes all gray. cool pick and i like the skin all around with the hat and the rope around the arm, but it would be cool if they did a better job its almost like the classic