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Ignore changes?

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Formerly if you hit Ignore after a match you'd never see the same troll twice. But I have noticed since the last update that I'll get the same troll 3 games in a row, even though I ignored him already.

Was the same person behind this genius idea the 1 who invented 30min bans for players who dodge someone who just admitted they were trolling in ranked?

An elo system that takes no account of the fact that 90% of the people who have played with a certain person have added them to their ignore list after & at least half have reported them for trolling?

Or a system like certain other mobas where when a player d/cs long enough the game splits their gold between the team.

We see these messages in game now telling statistics. How about add the number of times a team lost while 1 or more members were dc? Or # of times 4 players reported 1 for trolling & Tribunal agreed that they were in fact trolling, in a match that said team lost because of the troll?

Just saying - most players I know have noticed what seems like 'catering TO trolls' trends in LoL. I mean from a marketing standpoint I get it. If You are competing for players & cater to Trolls then you create a loyal audience. After-all if no other game is catering to them they won't switch games. But it is abit taxing on the rest of us.