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Are you afraid of the Dark(child). PRP

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Ms Annie Hastur

Senior Member


Pinky, Amumu, myself, and Nunu are the only ones allowed to post in this thread ICLY. ))

Annie had gathered the other children, and Pinky, together. It was time to tell ghost stories, or, at least as best they could, being pre pubescent children with little concept of horror.

They sat around the camp fire, and Annie stokes the flames. "Ok, I'll start." She said, clearing her throat.

"It was a dark and stormy night, THEN THE NINJAS ATTACKED! WOOOOOOOO!" Annie made a scary face, then continued. "But they weren't good ninjas like Shen, Kennen or Akali, they were Zombie Ghost Ninjas who dabbled in piracy! And they started howling "We want your brains and precious boooooootyyyyyy" Annie waved her arms a bit, for extra effect.

"Then a happy couple got caught up in the Zombie Ghost Ninja Pirate's attack, and the girl told the boy, BUT YOU ARE THE CAPTAIN ZOMBIE GHOST NINJA PIRATE! And she died, the end!"

Annie sits back, smiling. She obviously thinks that story was the best thing ever.

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Dear Amumu

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Amumu sat around the fire with the others, hugging himself to make sure none of his bandages got too close to the heat and ignite. When Annie finishes her story he claps, though on the inside he's very confused. The concept of fear was still something he didn't understand very well.

"Uh... oh... I guess it's my turn now, right...? Okay, um..."

He thinks for a moment, holding his hand out in front of him. A single bandage floats up and curls itself around, forming the outline of a child.

"It was... a cold and quiet night. The boy woke up in a pyramid all alone. Nothing around was making any noise. Um... the boy didn't know where he was or anything, and it made him very sad, I guess. He couldn't feel his heart, because he was... undead. It was so scary, waking up alone with no memories. It made the boy cry, and whenever the boy cried it made everyone else cry. And they were, uh, afraid of him. Nobody would get close, and a lot of people tried not to talk to him because of how... scary he was? Uh... the end, I guess..."

Amumu puts a finger to his lower lip, not really sure of his storytelling skills.

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We Got Charms



Amumu then went wee wee wee all the way home!

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Ask Nunu

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Nunu looked between Annie and the others as he listened to the stories. He sat in his read coat despite sitting close to the fire. Back home the Yeti would sit around similar fires and share stories to pass time, so he was familiar with a few ghost stories himself.

"Those were some good stories guys, I got a good one for you too."

He cleared his throat and looked at his friends as he told his tale.
"A long, long time ago, there was two hunters hunting game in the tundra. Winter was coming and they were desperate for game so they could feed their village. As they wandered through the tundra one of the hunters saw what looked like a little girl on the horizon. Because it was dangerous to be out there alone they agreed to approach the girl and see if they could get her back home. But no matter how far they moved towards her, the girl was still out of their reach. But they were so focused on trying to get to the girl, they didn't realized they were entering the Gelid Vortex. The hunters knew they were in trouble so they turned around and fled, but sadly only one of them made it out alive, but barely. Another group of hunters found him right before he too succumbed to the cold and asked what happened as they rushed him to a nearby village. Too this day, hunters are careful of what they see in the tundra, for the girl you see on the horizon, might just be the spirit of the Gelid Vortex, luring unsuspecting victims to steal their heat away to warm herself from her never ending chill."
He grinned at them while he sat back after telling his story.
"How was that?"