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Zed vs Shen story!

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Hey I'm new to League but not to writing. Want to share something I wrote up with my favorite champion Shen and the newest one. Hope you enjoy.

Shen sat by the edge of a koi pond, his legs folded in, and his eyes closed in thought. Strong winds from the east stripped the leaves off the mulberry trees, releasing them into the air about him. Despite the biting cold, the Eye of the Twilight did not move. Not the slightest shiver, nor flinch. He sat perfectly still as the world whirled around him.

The story of his life, he mused.

He was to be Judgment unclouded. To be the Truth set free from the world. He was to endure everything and anything so he that could be worthy to hold the title of the World’s Arbiter. Only the pure were worthy to Watch the Stars.
And yet… he did not know if he could fulfill his duty now.
For his father’s murderer had come to his doorstep. Zed had come to the League.

The wind screeched as it picked up speed. The leaves in the wind were starting to batter him.

Was this the equilibrium’s way of telling him to kill Zed? Or was this a test of his resolve to remain pure and unclouded? Zed was most certainly an agent of chaos; everywhere he strode, imbalance took root and blossomed, like an infection. And yet, who was to say that Zed’s death would right anything? What good would it do to balance the world by removing Zed if he himself were only to take his place?
Shen let his breath slow for a single breath; it was his way of sighing.
It was not like him to philosophize.

Shen slowly put a hand on the rock lip of the pond in front of him. He easily transferred all his weight to his hand, until he was fully supported by him single limb. He straightened his legs out until he was horizontal over the ground. Carefully, he raised his body; his legs rose into in the air, and his planted arm was straightening out. Soon he was doing a handstand one a single palm.
He pushed himself onto his fingers. Four fingers supported his entire weight now.
He drew one back. Three.

But a deep, soulless voice cut in.
“It’s not like you to let your guard down… brother.”
Shen knew who it was. He fell back onto his feet, and stood up straight. He turned to face his adversary. He turned to face his former brother.
His old friend.
His father’s killer.

A man with a hulking physique squatted on a branch in the mulberry tree. He was wrapped in crimson cloth, all new and vivid; results of the funds he and his army of shadow ninjas horded by taking assassination missions across Valoran. Strapped to his arms were vambraces that housed two vicious retractable blades each. Hanging from his back were two monstrously huge throwing stars, more likely to take a head off than to injure like normal throwing stars would, and finally, his skull was wrapped in the protection of a wicked metal helm, more like a knight in armor would wear than a ninja.

The Master of Shadows had finally come to find him.

“Hm!” Zed leapt from the branch; onto the ground in front of Shen. The shadow ninja landed bodily onto the tiled rock, cracking the old granite. “I could have killed you a thousand times over as youdaydreamed like a little girl. You’ve gotten slow.”
Shen turned to face the self-proclaimed Shadow Master.
“If you are here to kill me,” Shen led on, “Then try it.”

Zed’s eyes, shrouded darkness of in his sharpened helm, caught the motion of Shen’s hands. They were perfectly still, but the Shadow ninja could see that Shen was an inch away from drawing his blades. He knew Shen was about to strike. And Shen knew that he knew. After all, they had played this game many times as children in front of their late master in their sparring matches.

His own hands loosened the blades on his arms.

“Hm.” Zed withdrew his blades. The forearm spikes slipped back into their vambraces. Instead, he raised his hand. “Shen. I am not unreasonable. Join me in the Shadow, brother. With your strength, untold amounts of power await you. Secrets that could change the world lay waiting for those strong enough to take it.”
“You know my answer.”
“Ah, but you hardly know my offer. Think about what we could accomplish together! The balance you so eagerly pursue would finally be realized with enough strength! Balance, order, and world peace can be achieved with this power. If the whole world is dragged under absolute rule, no more would imbalance spread.”

Zed clenched his outstretched hand. He seemed to be talking to the world more than Shen now.

“The world would be perfect. No more suffering. No more sacrifice. Think about your comrades! Think of your Fist of Shadow! She was but a child when we took her in, yet how many sins have stained her hands by now in her sacred duty to Prune the Tree? Have you never looked at her and wondered if her life would be happier away from the Kinkou?”
“Always.” Shen fixed Zed with his fiercest stare. “I have never forgotten the sacrifice Akali and the rest of us have made for the world. I love my comrades.” Flashbacks of his father’s head, severed at the base of the neck and thrown into the air like a rotten fruit by Zed cut into his mind. “Unlike you.”
“Yet because you and your remnants lack the strength to defeat imbalance once and for all, she and everyone else suffer, and continue to suffer!”

Shen fell silent at this. He knew that Zed’s argument made sense. But he also saw what happens to those who imbalance themselves to balance the world. Equilibrium would never be realized by brute force.

Shen turned away.

“You fool. You will never understand until it’s too late.”

Zed growled at this.

“Don’t you dare talk down to me, Brother.”
The Shadow Ninja drew out the last word; sarcasm dripping from his deep voice. His bloodlust was rising. Zed was starting to see death in his eyes now.
“Have you forgotten so easily... how the Shadows let me overpower you in our final duel?” Zed started circling about Shen’s back. His blades quietly slipped out of their sheaths.
"Have you forgotten so soon who is the stronger of us now?!"

“Yes. I have never forgotten...." Shen turned to face Zed, and for the first time since Shen took on the mantle of Eye of the Twilight, Zed saw in his eyes… Sadness. “How I failed you, Brother.”

“RAAAGH!” Zed charged the Eye of the Twilight, his forearm blades shooting out like fangs. Zed delivered a vicious blow to Shen’s chest, a blow that was deflected by a twist of the Eye of the Twilight’s hands. The blades arced downwards, hissing as the sliced the air, and struck deep into the granite rock of the earth below them. They were immediately stuck fast.
Before Zed could react, Shen pulled his hands upwards, and then brought them back down over Zed’s head in a crushing two-handed blow.


The blow shot through the metal helm, and rattled the skull and brain inside. Zed slumped to the ground, his blades now broken free from the impact. The shadow ninja hit the ground with a meaty thump; stunned. Shen turned to walk away.

But a disturbing voice floated up from the body below him.

Zed rose. He brought his hand to his chin and cracked his neck.
“Good! This is good!”

Zed turned to face Shen. Then another Zed. And another.

Shen looked about, back and forth, at the army that was forming around him. Zeds formed out of shadows, squatted on the branches of the Mulberry trees around them. More Zeds rose out of the ground likes ghosts, sporting blades of shadow or dark throwing stars clenched firmly in the grasp. There were some that came walking in over the water of the Koi pond. Shadows bled off of their feet and contaminated the water below turning it inky black. The koi inside died almost immediately, rising to surface, burned black.
Soon, dozens of Zeds surrounded the Eye of Twilight in their choking darkness. All of them were bleeding dark smoke that stung the eyes and burned the throat.

A Zed strode up to Shen, and leveled his blade at Shen’s neck. The point of the shadow blade burned at Shen's flesh.
“We have some unfinished business, brother. Let’s pick up our duel where we left it.”
Shen raised his hands to grip the ninja swords strapped to his back.

But before they could strike, an explosion of shadow rocked the army of Zeds to Shen’s left. The sound of Shadow Zeds shouting and cursing drew nearer and nearer as whatever was causing it shot straight towards Shen.
The Zeds nearest Shen all turned to attack the unknown threat, but it burst through them with a flying kick, and removed their heads with a flourish of her ninja scythes.

Akali, Fist of the Shadow, rolled through the air, and rammed the shadow Zed in front of Shen in the chest with a flying kick. The Zed stumbled back, a hole in his chest, and then exploded in a cloud of smoke.

“Akali!” Shen shouted, but she ignored him.

“Zed…” Akali snarled, glaring at the shadows about her. “Do you know who I am?”
One of the Zeds glanced at a severed limb that Akali’s scythe had made in his shadowy limb. That Zed looked up to answer her.
“Hm. You were but a child when I was banished by our master. But your skill is adequate. You would do well with us, Fist of the Shadow. Will you have what it takes to do what your comrade will not?”

Zed stretched out his hand to Akali. His palm, surrounded by blade, faced up.

"Will you join us in our quest for power?"

Akali hissed, raising her scythes.
“I will never stoop to your level!”
“Hm. So you say. But your heart has passion. Strength. Sooner or later, it will desire the strength to protect what is important to it.”
Zed stepped away, as the shadowy illusions about him faded into the black. He was slipping away into the darkness. His body melted into the night, until only his deep voice was left.
“And when you finally need it… I’ll be waiting.”

And he was gone.

Akali lowered her scythes. She had no answer to Zed’s prediction.
Shen moved to her.
“Shen! Are you alright!”

It was obvious she was trying to avoid the questions raised by Zed. She was always like that when they trained together at the Kinkou, prodigious in both skill and temperament. She did not belong with us ninjas. She would have made a great and famous warrior in some rich Ionian noblemen’s retainer, or in the service of the Placidium with Captain Irelia and her Guard. Her gifts from the gods deserved her a good life in the light of the world, but instead she grew up with us in the shadows.

“Shen… you knew him, right?”

In response, Shen looked out in the direction Zed left.
“He was my brother once. He took everyone in my family away from me. Including himself.” Shen glanced at Akali, and put a hand on her shoulder. “But it is alright. I have new comrades now.”

You could see Akali’s small grin even through her mask. But still, she sensed something that troubled Shen. He seemed a little sad. His eyes looked blankly out into the distance, and he didn’t make a sound.
“Is everything ok? What’s wrong?”

Shen gazed at the dead koi in the pond. Shadows blackened their flesh.
“Those were beautiful fish.”

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Aw. No one cares about this? It was popular in GD.

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Amp Blade

Junior Member


I care!
I thought it was really well written, probably one of the best LoL fanfics I've read! It might be your title that's deterring people; it just sounds a little too generic and in all honesty I was tempted to skim past this thread simply because the title left much to be desired.
But I'm glad I did read it! Really enjoyed it will you be writing more?

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i wrote it as stand alone but I have other stuff to do.

truth be told, i have a story on here already, so i won't have time to continue this, but i wanted to see what the difference was on GD. Not that different, tbh. I wouldn't exactly recommend it. Part of the reason of the bad title is that i wanted the writing to stand alone on its own merits.