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RIOT! For the love of DECENCY!

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Let people surrender if there is a disconnect or quitter in the game!
If there's a chance of winning, people won't surrender; but while all of us have had that fantastic 4v5 win, it's not usually gonna happen with one guy AFK from the start, or with someone who feeds, and then leaves in a rage - taking all their farm gold with them.

We NEED to be able to surrender as SOON as the game detects a leaver, AFK, or disconnect - could some people use this to their advantage, with one person "taking one for the team?" Certainly, but where's the harm?! There's no fun to be had on the losing a 4-or-3v5 "contest," so why let the trolls, the ragers, and those simply irresponsible - or unfortunate - enough to be unable to connect inflict 20 minutes of pure frustration on the losers? Is the enjoyment of playing against people who can't fight back a good reason to keep the 20 minute cap active in a game with leavers - and do we really want to encourage that kind of mindset in our gaming community?

Let us OUT of those hellish games that are lost through no fault of our own; if even a large minority of us think we can win anyway, the match will continue, after all. The only thing we stand to lose with a change like this is mmHg from our blood pressure. =)

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I've actually had more than a few games in that exact case where we had one or even two leavers/AFKers early game, and still rallied and won. I usually just stick it out and report at the end, and it's always served me pretty well... Do I just get a lower number of games with leavers?