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Thoughts on Matchmaking

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So I haven't won a game in 4 games now, and I haven't really done well in a game in over 10, and I've been playing with lots of people on my team that keep saying they are on a 5 to 10 loss streak, so I figured I would go to the matchmaking help page and see if I couldn't figure out why...

I think the main reason is that I suck, but my summoner level is high now which pits me against better players than myself. The matchmaking help page says that the ELO boost is "significant" when gaining summoner level, but I'm thinking it may be a bit too much for me because my play level isn't really increasing that much with each new level. Perhaps decreasing the summoner level bonus a tad would help poor sucky players like me and let the ELO system handle the rest?

On top of that you can still level fairly easily even while losing so I feel like I'm failing upwards lately, and I worry that no matter how many times I lose, I will keep being pit against tougher oponents every time I level