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Champion Concept: Vex, the Hypnotist.

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Talon Couteau

Junior Member


My boyfriend and I have been conceptualizing a champion for League of Legends and now that it's getting pretty fleshed out, I wanted to present it to the community for opinions.


I am not an artist, and yes this is a recolor from a Magic: The Gathering card, but the mental image I have for this champion would look something like this.

Before reading the skillset I'll describe a new type of crowd control that would be implemented with this champion: Sleep. Afflicting a champion with sleep causes them to lose 40% movement speed for the first .5 s of the duration, then the remaining duration has the same effect as a stun. Example: a 1.5 second "sleep" reduces target's movement speed by 40% for .5s then "stuns" for the remaining 1s. This makes the crowd control weaker than a true stun because it allows the afflicted champion to use mobility/protective spells, before the stun portion lands (Flash, arcane shift, spell shields, etc.)

Passive: Hypnotic Bolts
Vex's basic attacks give stacking debuff that increases sleep duration with each stack, stacking maximum 3 times, .25s increase per stack. Stacks will drop after 8 seconds of not receiving additional attacks from Vex.

Q: Hypnosis: Skillshot line crowd control, causes first target hit to sleep for 1s, also deals
moderate magic damage. Magic damage dealt increases per rank. Can hit minions. (Cast example: Elise's cocoon (E))

W: Dream Hunter: Passively increases Vex's magic penetration per rank. On activate: Vex gains a burst of movement speed and attack speed for a short time. (Example: Evelynn's Dark Frenzy (w) for the activate portion, plus some attack speed to help make use of his passive, Hypnotic Bolts, combined some spell pen for free similar to Xerath's Locus of Power (w))

E: Nightmare: Targeted magic damage nuke, dealing moderate damage, but double damage if the target is asleep. Additionally if the target is asleep surrounding units take splash damage from the Nightmare. (Casts like Vladimir's Transfusion (q) and combos similarly to Anivia: Land Q burst with E. The splash damage would work similarly to Brand using Conflagrate on an ablaze target. This helps with Vex's wave-clear potential.)

R: Dreamcatcher: Summons a circular glyph on the ground, immediately dealing moderate magic damage and sending all champions in the area to the Plane of Dreams. Afflicted champions deal and receive 50% reduced damage, except from Vex's Nightmare spell. Vex's Nightmare spell also deals 50% splash damage to all targets within the Dreamcatcher if he casts Nightmare on a target within the Dreamcatcher. The Glyph lasts 3 seconds, however, players can freely choose to leave the Glyph. If they do so, they are subject to a 1 second sleep in exchange for escaping.

I know this sounds complicated. Imagine the cast like Annie's Summon: Tibbers (r.) Casting this in a teamfight on priority target forces them into a decision: be subject to a powerful AoE nuke from Vex, or escape the Dreamcatcher using what means they can but take a 1 second crowd control in return. Great Vex players could also use it punctually to reduce huge sources of incoming damage (Brand's Pyroclasm) but a Vex could also detriment his team by weakening his allies' spells. Before you say "that's retarded troll Vex everywhere ruining games" think about Lee Sin's ult perfectly peeling for a carry versus giving free escapes to the enemy. Think about the Janna that can ruin a teamfight or save her allies.

I didn't include cooldowns, base damages, stats, or ratios because this is just a concept, and it would take a lot of testing and number-crunching to make this champion balanced. I just want to toss the idea out for now.


Vaughn Maddox was born to a simple family of farmers on the banks of the Serpentine River, far removed from the marvels of Piltover and might of Demacia proper. His parents learned very early in his life that he wasn't a healthy child. The boy never slept a wink. He never cried or even smiled. His mother shunned him, chilled by the infant's seemingly lifeless demeanor. His father plowed the fields from dawn til dusk. Lillian, his older sister, doted on Vaughn and the siblings grew very close through the years.

In the evening when his family had gone to lie and be still for many hours, something they called "sleep," Vaughn found profound loneliness. He would stare for hours. He'd stare at the toys that his mother desperately hoped would bring him any sense of joy or youth. Why did Vaughn have to experience this quiet time for so long night after night? Why couldn't he just sit with Lillian any time he wished?

After his sixth birthday Lillian burst into Vaughn's room at dawn, skipping in a circle and told him about the wonderful dream she'd had. She had been a princess, and prince took her for a ride on his noble steed and they laughed their way into the sunset together. Lillian asked Vaughn why he didn't try to dream. She told him dreams were a wonderful place where you can be whatever you want and achieve anything you wish. Vaughn became obsessed, desperate to experience the wonder Lillian described.

That night he huddled himself against the thin, cold wall of his chamber and stared at the stack of carved wooden blocks his father made for his sixth birthday. He focused and strained his mind to experience a dream. He gritted his teeth and furled his brow and bored his gaze into his little wooden blocks, furious at his inability to do something as simple as dream. He screamed in rage, and the blocks lifted from the floor and dashed against the wall opposite him. As they clattered across the wooden floor of his room he was shocked at what he achieved. He wiped the tears from his cheeks and gasped terrified breaths. Lillian burst into his room and held Vaughn close. When Vaughn calmed after a few moments she said to him, "Oh Vaughn. Just lie down. Just go to sleep. Can't you just let yourself be at peace?" Her parents had never explained Vaughn's insomnia to her, preferring to pretend his disorder didn't exist.

Night after night for the years following, Vaughn practiced and harnessed his strange mental abilities. Afraid to estrange himself from his only friend, Lillian, he never disclosed his powers to anyone.

During a frigid winter, Lillian became ill. Her impoverished father suggested traveling to Piltover for medicine, but her mother tragically reminded him that the cost of food and lumber for the furnace would never allow something like a luxurious trip to Piltover for medical treatment. The Maddox's would do their best for Lillian, and hope for her health to return. It didn't. Her conditions worsened and Vaughn sat by her bedside and lifelessly gazed at her increasingly shallow breaths and paling skin. After many days she whispered to him in the night.

"Vaughn. I'm going to have a dream now. A very long one. Promise me someday you'll find me in your dreams?"

He blinked many times and tears filled his eyes. He searched for words that he could never produce his entire life. She fluttered her young eyes closed, and her breath ended.
Vaughn found purpose at that moment. He mourned and he plotted simultaneously, as his twisted mind whirred like an engine. He would craft a spell to let him dream, and he'd find Lillian there. Maybe there he would speak. Possibly he'd even be able to laugh in his dream. He'd be with her again no matter the cost.

Reaching adolescence, Vaughn lay on his chamber floor and carved meticulous runes into the wood. He hid them in the day with a simple illusion, and by night spent his years crafting his spell, the Dreamcatcher. Tonight he was filled with zeal. He knew the spell was nearly complete, but he couldn't let his haste cause a single minuscule defect in his craft. Hours later he dusted away the final shavings from the glyph and steadied his breath. He pressed his forehead to the floor and the spell released all of its arcane force upon his corrupted brain.

He felt his body limp and his eyes roll into his skull. Blackness swallowed his conscience. Not empty blackness, however. Vindictive, sentient blackness. A wheezing, ice-cold chuckle rattled through his head, followed by a gripping pain.

"Finally," it whispered.

Vaughn's body left this Plane of Dreams and was flung backward to crash into his
bedroom wall. He stared horrified as a ghastly, vaporous figure rose from the center of the glyph carving. The thing stretched its bladelike arms and let out a wheezing sigh of pleasure. Vaughn's parents flung open his bedroom door at the commotion and the creature without hesitation spun its blades in a circle, slashing them down with a careless gesture.

Turning its gaze back to Vaughn, it wheezed, "Are you my nightmare? Or am I yours?" Another cruel laugh from the creature turned Vaughn's blood to ice as it swept out of the room and into the night.

For the years that followed, Vaughn traveled to Noxus and lived in solitude. He honed his mental magic relentlessly. He knew the creature was ravaging lives with abandon around Runeterra as it pleased. He knew this because in each merciless killing, Vaughn glimpsed into the creature's mind; he felt the zealotry in the slashing of its arm-blades and watched countless innocents scream in terror and expire. He shared a piece of the consciousness of the beast, being its unwilling creator. With this curse he practiced his mental art, tracked the beast, and even learned what it called itself. Nocturne.

At the peak of his mental prowess Vaughn arrived at the Fields of justice and found audience with summoners exchanging hushed conversation about the recent binding of Nocturne and his induction to the League. A perplexed summoner asked, "Who are you?" as he approached them.

The terror he had created was within his grasp. His mind surged with power and arcane glyphs coursed around his hands and wrists. His eyes brimmed with pure arcane energy and fury. Vaughn found words for the first time in his life.

"I am Vex. Show me to Nocturne."

Thanks for reading this far! Let me know what you think!

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Ask the Tempest

Senior Member


Wrong forum.

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Senior Member


I'll get the actual link for you. I like champion concepts, so I'll be extra lenient.
There you go
<3 (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/forumdisplay.php?f=40)

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Talon Couteau

Junior Member


Oh sorry, and thanks!