Jack of All Trades looking for serious competitive team

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No, Jayce is not the only champion I play, but coincidentally, he is one of my best.

By Jack of All Trades, I am referring to the fact that I can play any lane/position proficiently. I like to pick what works best with my team composition.

I am looking for a team that is striving for the championships for next year. I want to win first place, and am looking for other like minded people. My ELO is in the 1300's, but test me out to see what I can really do in a good team with communication.

I have Skype already, and I am also familiar with Ventrillo, so I just need to download that if necessary.

So, if you are interested in having me join your team, or starting up a team with me, or just have any questions, add me in game. My in game name is G0dlyN00b.